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2015 · issue 4




Felix Byam Shaw (OD 2013)

Felix, like many younger Dragon siblings,

was part of the fabric of the school

before he even arrived there. He was very

observant and picked up quickly what the

School was about. When his time came in

2004, he never looked back.

From ‘Jesus’s Birthday Party’, the

Reception Year Nativity Play, to the

final relay race on Dragon Sports Day

in July last year, he displayed the gift

for friendship that only truly comes

from within. Over the nine years that he

spent in the playgrounds of Lynams and

Bardwell Road, other children would

naturally gravitate towards him.

Children are very discerning. They

know when someone makes them feel

good through their presence; they know

with whom they feel safe and in whose

company they never feel judged. Above all,

they know in whom they can place their

trust. This is not something that you can

teach a child; it is something they develop

for themselves. Felix developed his gift

beyond all measure. His peer group was

attracted to his innate kindness, his vitality

and impish sense of humour. He always

seemed so happy in his thoughts and in

himself. He cared deeply for the feelings of

others and they cared deeply for him.

Indeed, it was this ability to understand

others that made him so loved by his

team-mates when it came to his most

treasured of school pursuits: sport. Felix

was a sportsman for all seasons. In schools

the size of the Dragon and Eton, being

selected to play for a first team is no easy

task. To be in the first team for rugby and

football and be captain of cricket at the

Dragon, is a dream for many a child. To do

so at Eton too, where there are even more

players to choose between, is an enormous

achievement and to play with distinction

and captain Oxfordshire at cricket proves

that his talents were noticed way beyond

his schools’ gates.

Felix loved sport. It wasn’t just that he

was a natural at it - he was top run and

goal scorer in his final year at the Dragon

and met with similar success at Eton, the

Summertown Stars and Oxfordshire - it

was also because it allowed him to express

who he was. Sport can be a window into a

personality and this was true for Felix; he

used brain, not brawn, and flair, style and

composure over exhibitions of power. He

led both school and Oxfordshire sides not

just because he contributed runs, wickets,

tries and goals but because coaches knew

that he could draw out the best from

others around him.

As Felix moved from the banks of the

Cherwell to the playing fields of Eton

in September 2013, he quickly made a

large impression on his new community

and any anxieties about leaving Oxford

soon disappeared. Just as they had at the

Dragon, friends orbited around him. He

was getting a taste for all that the next

few years could offer as well as a desire to

advance the fortunes of his House in any

way he could.

It is difficult to comprehend that this

most quintessential of schoolboys is no

longer with us to enjoy it all as he should.

Felix was, in short, exceptional.

We thank him for all that he gave us.

Excerpt from the eulogy at Felix’s Memorial

Service held at Christ Church Cathedral,

given by Mark White (OD 1978 and Deputy



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