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It gives me great pleasure to commend to you this

issue of

The OD

featuring the lives and achievements

of our Old Dragons.

The School continues to thrive and since the last

issue has been filled with many successes great and

small. The Dragon received a full inspection from the

Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) on 11th-14th

November 2014, during which time 14 ISI inspectors

visited the School. We were delighted that the ISI

inspection recognised the Dragon Spirit, and identified

that the school was excellent in all areas - stating that

the quality of pupils’ achievements and learning was

“exceptional”. The inspectors also noted that our school

helps to create happy, independent, confident and

articulate children within an affectionate and nurturing

school community. It is uplifting to see our bursary

pupils flourish, learn and grow in our unique and

inclusive environment.

OD-wise there have been several very well attended

reunions, including our biennial JOD Day for our 12-18

year old ODs. It was wonderful to see all 200 JODs and

their parents return to the Dragon for this happy event

in March and encouraging to see that so many ODs

remain in contact with us.

John Baugh


Very sadly the year has not passed without major incident.

In July 2014 we received the tragic news that Felix Byam

Shaw (OD 2013) died whilst on holiday in France from

meningococcal septicaemia. Felix, aged 14, had been a pupil at

the Dragon for nine years, before earning a place at Eton and

passing Common Entrance with flying colours. Hard-working,

bright and organised, he was popular amongst staff and pupils

alike, and his positive, outgoing and inclusive personality

made him a natural choice for leadership roles in many teams

throughout his time at the school. He is missed by us all.

There are lots of alumni activities planned over the coming

year at the School, in particular the WW1 Commemoration

Exhibition in September, more of which you will read about

later in this magazine. We are always delighted to welcome you

back to the Dragon and warmly invite you to tell us about your

news, triumphs and OD get-togethers.

With every good wish