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2015 · issuE 4


EvEnTs & rEuniOns

nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund lectures


the start of the evening about how the fund

came into existence and its importance to

the Dragon School, referring to the familiar

plaque in the dining room which remembers

Nicholas Knatchbull.

Traditionally, two Old Dragons return to

the Lynam Hall on the first Friday of the

summer term to give a presentation on their

adventures, which have been supported by the

Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund. This year

we welcomed two more who shared inspiring

stories that contrasted with our Dragons’

everyday experience.

Emily Higgins (OD 2008), dressed in

traditional Gambian costume, gave a fascinating

talk about the five months, from January to

May 2014, she spent living and working in the

Gambia with the charity Crosslinks.

Harry Johnson (OD 1996), now working

for the UN in Rome and writing a book on

food security, travelled to Tigray in Northern

Ethiopia in October 2014 to find out more

about the tragic famine of 1983-85 as part of

his research. His talk gave an insight in to the

wonder and beauty of Ethiopia as well as the

impact of the famine.

We were delighted that three of the Fund’s

trustees were also able to attend the talks: Sam

Cook, ex-housemaster of School House and

now head of Malvern Prep; Simon Jones (OD

1978), a successful farmer and cheese producer

from Lincolnshire and Tim Knatchbull (OD

1978) the surviving twin of Nicholas and

chairman of the fund. Tim kindly spoke at

If you are an OD or know of one who is

planning a great adventure, please find out

more about the NKTF grant on our website.

All ODs can apply directly to Ed Phelps via