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2015 · issuE 4


Transforming lives;

retaining our dragon Culture

Seamus Lavan

dragOn dEvElOPMEnT

dragon development: securing the school’s Future

The Dragon is, without doubt, the most

wonderful place to work, full of productive

camaraderie and creative endeavour.

I was delighted to join the team

as Head of Development in

March 2014.

Our primary objective

is to raise funds for our

much needed new Dragon

Music School as well as our

transformational bursaries.

Over the past year, we have

also introduced a number of

innovations, including online booking for

our reunions and networking events and a

termly OD e-newsletter. We will be sending

a Dragon Development

e-newsletter termly from

this summer to keep you

updated with progress on

our campaigns. We are also

planning a series of Old

Dragon industry forums

where members of the Dragon

community can engage in

lively debate and discussion.

Our first event will be

Arduus ad Solem


Entrepreneurs’ Forum on Wednesday 2nd

March 2016, so do put the date in your

Diary. Details of all our forthcoming events

can be found on page 25.

I would be delighted to discuss any aspect

of Dragon development with you so do feel

free to get in touch. Otherwise, I look forward

to seeing many of you at forthcoming events.

Best wishes,

Jane Pendry

Head of Development

you are investing in the life of a child. And

what better cause is there than that?”

There is no better cause, but helping

the Dragon to retain its unique spirit to the

benefit of all our pupils comes a close second.

Old Dragon donors continue to make

a big difference to each and every bursary

pupil and a big difference to the Dragon.

Mary Taylor

Deputy Head, Pastoral Care

Bursaries transform children’s lives and

bursary pupils make a very significant

contribution to the Dragon.

As Deputy Head, Pastoral Care, I have

had the pleasure of helping our bursary

pupils adjust to the unique culture of the

Dragon. They have proved themselves to be

highly motivated, emotionally intelligent,

inspirational and full of the vibrant

enthusiasm characteristic of a Dragon.

They help us to retain the unstuffy, creative

learning environment in which our young

Dragons thrive.

With ever increasing external pressures

on fee income, maintaining the vibrant

and diverse nature of the school becomes

ever more challenging. The bursary

programme is a great help. Together with

funds raised from both parents and the

OD community - through regular and one

off donations - we are able to consistently

support up to 25 bursary pupils in the

school at any one time.

Seamus Lavan (OD 2009), a former

bursary pupil who embraced the spirit of

the Dragon explained that the “triumph

of the Dragon approach is its treatment

of each pupil as a distinct individual with

unique skills, abilities and aspirations.”

Will Baker (OD 2011), another bursary

recipient, now studying English at Oxford

University, thanked John Baugh and our

donors in a recent letter and concluded,

“Ultimately, by donating towards a bursary,

Will Baker