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dragOn dEvElOPMEnT

Music at the Heart

of the dragon

Music enriches, inspires and nurtures.

A body of research demonstrates that

music also positively impacts on spatial

ability, phonetic awareness and language

skills and demonstrably develops mental

focus, listening skills, team work and

social communication.

Along with sport, drama, art and

academic studies, the music and the Music

Department need to be placed firmly at the

heart of the school.

In the 1960s, when the original music

school was built, music teaching was

intended for a musically talented elite.

Today, an extraordinary 87% of Dragon

pupils actively participate in music by

playing an instrument or singing in a choir.

527 or 83% of Dragon pupils have one or

more instrumental lessons a week.

The Dragon has created a virtuous circle

of teaching and learning and is reputedly

one of the best non-specialist prep school

for music in the country attracting many of

the most talented, dedicated and inspiring

music teachers.

Children have responded by taking

up music with passion and enthusiasm.

The Dragon has an exceptional record of

inclusion and differentiation. Pupils have

access to one of over 40 different groups

and ensembles: 30 are open to all pupils and

11 pre-select groups challenge our most

able musicians. Performance opportunities

through ensemble performances, concerts,

assemblies and outreach projects further

challenge and engage.

All this is achieved in spite of limited

facilities which require staff and pupils to

solve complex organisational issues and

travel long distances to rehearsal.

We look forward to building the music

school that our staff and children deserve.

Music school Planning news

Ensuring that the new Music School meets teaching and

learning needs, satisfies the highest environmental standards

and reflects Oxford’s architectural heritage is a tricky

balancing act. We are keen to satisfy planning requirements

without compromising on the size and scope of the building.

Once planning permission is granted, we will publish

timescales for tendering and build, and launch the public

phase of the campaign. Meanwhile, we thank all our lead

donors, who have contributed over £4m to date, for their

commitment and faith in this project.

Plans may be subject to change.

Vicky Savage

, Director of Music

If you are interested

in discussing plans,

or supporting the

campaign, our Head

of Development, Jane

Pendry, would be

delighted to hear from

you. Please contact

her on


or on

01865 315 415.