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The home I grew up in, and which now I

own, is close to some ponds which feed

a stream that passes through our garden

on its way to the river Wey. From as

early as I can remember, I played in and

around the stream. I learned to swim

in the Tarn, the largest of the Cutmill

Exhibiting since 1960,

William Pye

(OD 1951) is

known for his impressive water sculptures which are

appreciated across generations. He has many international

commissions and his creations are prevalent around

London, more than any other British sculptor.

William has recently produced a visual feast of a

book, William Pye: His Work and His Words (excerpts of

which follow), which includes writings on his inspiration,

background and the philosophy behind his art.

William Pye:

His Work and

His Words

ponds and built my first waterfall across

the stream when I was 17 years old. I

captured on camera the local ponds and

pools, reflections in still water and on its

rippled surfaces; I dammed streams to

make cascades and recorded the way water

reacted to my intervention.

I am sure that most of us come to

realise with hindsight that certain events

that took place in our early years turn out

to have a profound and formative influence

upon our lives, but which at the time may

have seemed insignificant. For me one

such event was a visit to my aunts Sybil and

Slipstream and Jetstream, North Terminal, Gatwick Airport, 1987

Aureola, 2010