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2014 · ISSUE 3
Please let us know if you
have had a book published
or know of any other recent
OD publications.
If you would like your book
to be included in the next
issue of The OD, please
send a signed copy to the
OD Office. The book will
be added to the OD Library
bookshelves in the Quiet
Room in School House.
Escape from Arnhem:
A Glider Pilot’s Story
Godfrey Freeman
Dragon Staff, Former Dragon
Pen & Sword Books, 2010
‘‘This is the remarkable true story
of a young army glider pilot’s
experience of the last days in the
defence of Arnhem Bridge, his
eventual capture and then escape
to be adopted by the Resistance,
the hair-raising journey
through occupied Europe and
his eventual return to the UK.
After capture Freeman was
first taken to Apeldoorn where
he was hospitalized, claiming
shell-shock. Although quite
sane, he feigned trauma with
escape in mind, until being
punished for aiding the escape
of four Allied inmates. Then
he was put on a train bound for
Germany, from this he escaped
and eventually made contact
with the Dutch underground.
He was given civilian clothes
and a bicycle and rode
overnight to Barnveld where
he stayed with a schoolmaster
and church organist. Then
another cycle ride to a farm
where he slept in the hayloft
and finally still on his bike, he
rides through the German front
lines. He eventually returned
to RAF Broadwell by Dakota
to resume his part in the
war, from capture to freedom
within a month. The text is
interspersed with flashbacks
to the author’s childhood and
early training, capturing the true
spirit of a typical modest and
yet outstandingly brave young
man of the wartime era. Written
by Godfrey John Freeman,
born 4th June 1924 in Hook
Norton, Oxfordshire; died 9th
January 1999.’’
Orders from Berlin
Simon Tolkien
(OD 1972)
HarperCollins, 2012
‘‘An ingenious thriller in which
young Detective Constable Trave
uncovers a sophisticated plot at
the heart of MI6 to assassinate
Churchill and bring the Second
World War and the whole Allied
effort to an untimely end.
It’s 1940, and Bill Trave is
a Detective Constable in his
early thirties working in West
London. France has fallen and
the capital is being bombed both
day and night – it seems against
all odds that Britain can survive
the onslaught. Almost single-
handedly Winston Churchill
maintains the country’s morale,
with the German enemy
convinced that his removal
would win them the War
Albert Morrison, a rich
widower forced into early
retirement by failing eyesight, is
stabbed to death in his Chelsea
flat. His only daughter, Ava,
tells Trave that she would read
the newspapers to him every
evening, and the night before his
death he had become suddenly
excited when she read him an
obscure obituary notice.
At Morrison’s funeral, Ava
learns from an old colleague that
her father worked for MI6 before
the War. The obituary notice
was a coded message preparing
for an assassination, although
it does not specify the target.
Trave realizes that there is a Nazi
double agent within MI6, with a
plan to assassinate Churchill and
to set up another agent to take
the blame. He is in a race against
time to save Churchill, for if he
fails, Britain’s entire war effort
could be at stake…’’
The Sterling Redemption
James Edmiston
(OD 1957) and
Lawrence Kormornick
Pen & Sword Books, 2012
‘‘The untold true story of James
Edmiston who suffered an
extraordinary miscarriage of
justice in 1983 when senior
officials blocked vital witnesses
coming to his trial which led
to a personal tragedy; a broken
marriage, and the loss of a
The Sterling Redemption
explains how he was wrongly
charged with alleged illegal
exports to Iraq, and then took
on the establishment against
seemingly impossible odds for 25
years, to establish his innocence
and to win record compensation
from the British government in a
truly remarkable case. Divorced
and bankrupted, he is now
rebuilding a shattered life, nearly
30 years later.
This extraordinary story
is a fascinating insight into
government and the abuse of
power and is based on many
original sources including the
Scott Report and Judgment
of the Court of Appeal
(criminal). The co-author,
Lawrence Kormornick, is a
Solicitor-Advocate (civil) who
has represented Edmiston
and several other victims of
the Arms-to-Iraq prosecution
scandal against the government
and has a unique insight into
these cases.
Packed with ironies, twists
of fate and many unanswered
questions it is a compelling
read for anyone interested in
political intrigue and abuse of
power, miscarriage of justice and
learning about how an individual
took on the state and won.’’
Forgotten Blitzes
Andrew Knapp
(OD 1968)
Claudia Baldoli
Continuum, 2012
‘‘France and Italy account for
fully one third of all Allied
bombs dropped on Europe
between 1940 and 1945. Italy
received some 370,000 tons of
bombs, nearly five times the
total dropped on Britain by the
Luftwaffe; France, over 570,000,
nearly eight times the British
figure. In each country, over
55,000 civilians died. Until now,
studies of bombing in World
War II have focused largely
on the British and German
experiences; few cover France
or Italy. Forgotten Blitzes aims
to remedy this. It explains the
reasons for the Allied offensives,
and uses political, social and
cultural approaches to explore
the challenges faced by states
and peoples as the bombs fell.
Massive research in local and
national archives across four
countries, complemented by
diaries and personal memoirs,
has allowed the authors to build
a detailed, comparative picture of
the impact of bombing on states,
local authorities and individuals.’’
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