The OD Issue 3 - page 8

The Demon’s Watch
Conrad Mason
(OD 1997)
David Fickling Books, 2012
‘‘‘We’re the Demon’s Watch, son.
Protectors of Port Fayt. Scourge
of all sea scum. Don’t tell me
you’ve never heard of us?’
Half-goblin boy Joseph Grubb
lives in Fayt, a bustling trading
port where elves, trolls, fairies
and humans live side by side.
Fed up of working at the Legless
Mermaid tavern, Grubb dreams
of escape – until a whirlwind
encounter with a smuggler
plunges him into Fayt’s criminal
underworld. There he meets
the Demon’s Watch and learns
of their mission to save the port
from a mysterious and deadly
threat. Can Grubb and his new
allies uncover the dark plot in
time, or will they end up as fish
food in Harry’s Shark Pit?’’
Sign of the Cross:
A Spike Sanguinetti
(Spike Sanguinetti 2)
Thomas Mogford
(OD 1990)
Bloomsbury, 2013
‘‘A domestic dispute has escalated
into a bloodbath. When his
uncle and aunt are found dead,
Spike Sanguinetti must cross
the Mediterranean to Malta
for their funerals, leaving the
courtroom behind. But the more
he learns about their violent
deaths, the more he is troubled
by one thing: what could have
prompted a mild-mannered art
historian to stab his wife before
turning the knife upon himself?
Reunited with his ex-girlfriend,
Zahra, Spike embarks on a trail
that leads from the island’s
squalid immigrant camps to the
ornate palazzos of the legendary
Knights of St John. In Malta,
it seems, brutality, greed and
danger lie nearer to the surface
than might first appear.’’
The Goblin’s Gift, Tales of
Fayt, Book 2
Conrad Mason
(OD 1997)
David Fickling Books, 2013
‘‘Joseph Grubb is the newest
member of the Demon’s Watch.
He and his fellow watchmen
protect Port Fayt, where humans
live in peace alongside trolls,
elves and fairies. And now the
town needs them more than
ever, because the almighty
League of the Light has sent an
armada to wipe it off the map.
Fayt’s only hope is to
persuade the magical merfolk to
fight with them. But the merfolk
won’t go to war. Not unless their
princess is returned to them
from the clutches of the most
dangerous nine-year-old in the
Ebony Ocean.
It’s up to Joseph and his
friend Tabitha to rescue the
mermaid princess... But a secret
from Joseph’s past is about to
change everything.’’
Shadow of the Rock:
A Spike Sanguinetti
Thomas Mogford
(OD 1990
Bloomsbury, 2012
‘‘A humid summer night
in Gibraltar. Lawyer Spike
Sanguinetti arrives home to
find an old friend, Solomon
Hassan, waiting on his doorstep.
Solomon is on the run. A
Spanish girl has been found
with her throat cut on a beach
in Tangiers and he is accused of
her murder. He has managed to
skip across the Straits but the
Moroccan authorities want him
back. Spike travels to Tangiers
to try to delay Solomon’s
extradition, and there meets a
beautiful Bedouin girl. Zahra is
investigating the disappearance
of her father, a trail which leads
mysteriously back to Solomon.
Questioning how well he really
knows his friend, Spike finds
himself drawn into a dangerous
game of secrets, corruption and
murderous lies.’’
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