The OD Issue 3 - page 2

Welcome to the third edition of
The OD
magazine featuring ODs of many
generations. This issue sees a bumper crop of OD lives and achievements
and we thank you for keeping in touch with the school and letting us know
what you are doing. I am so struck by the diversity of Old Dragons’ careers,
professions and pursuits and very much enjoy hearing about them. Please
continue to keep us informed; the OD Office is always delighted to hear from
you and to welcome back ODs of all ages.
Since the last issue, the Dragon has enjoyed another successful year with
outstanding scholarship results from our most recent leavers. The music
department and the children have produced the most wonderful concerts,
performing at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, at prestigious venues in
Venice, and at St John’s Smith Square, where they were conducted by special
guest and OD, Sir Roger Norrington (OD 1947). Whenever possible, ODs are
very welcome to attend our music and theatre performances and should contact
the OD Office for information about forthcoming events – you can find details
on the back inside cover.
In 2013 we had two well-attended and enjoyable OD reunions and a JOD Day
which prompted an enthusiastic response from our younger ODs. Our next
reunion in March 2014 will welcome leavers from 1976 to 1979, so if you are
from that group I very much hope we shall see you back at the Dragon.
With every good wish,
John Baugh
Dear ODs
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