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2014 · ISSUE 3
NYC Drinks 2013
Christmas half-term provided
an ideal opportunity for an
OD gathering in the Big Apple.
A group of Dragon A Block
boys and girls were on the first
stage of their exchange with
two independent elementary
schools in Manhattan, the 12th
year the exchange has taken
place. One evening, while the
Dragons were in the excellent
care of their exchange partners,
the accompanying Dragon staff
hosted a gathering for ODs who
we know of living in and around
New York. Twelve ODs and their
partners attended this happy
occasion and enjoyed reminiscing
about the ‘old days’ (which
ranged from the 1940s to the
Naughties). Ed Phelps, Deputy
Headmaster, gave a brief update
of developments and aspirations
at the school and reassured all
that the spirit of the Dragon
remains true and as vibrant as
ever. The drinks went on quite
late but not as late as the supper
afterwards which some were able
to attend. Particular thanks must
go to Mr and Mrs Köprülü who
kindly hosted the event in their
wonderful apartment.
If you are living in or around New York and would like to be
kept in touch with similar events please contact the OD Office
for more information.
With thanks to Ed Phelps (OD 1978).
In September 2013, 80 Young Old Dragons from leaving years
1990 to 2003 met up after work at a London bar for an enjoyable
opportunity to catch up. Headmaster John Baugh joined the
drinks reception and spoke to the group about the recently
launched Bun Break Club. The Club offers YODs the chance to
benefit from organised social and
career networking opportunities
in return for pledging a small
monthly contribution towards
the Dragon Bursary Programme.
Please contact the Development
Office for more information
about the Bun Break Club on
org or call 01865 315417.
Over 150 Old Dragons from the 1950s returned to the Dragon in March for a
dinner and a chance to reunite with old friends. ODs who left from 1950 to 1958
came from all over the world to see the school again, some of them for the first
time in 60 years. After dinner the ODs seized the opportunity to mingle and catch
up – and to enjoy a special souvenir booklet produced for the occasion. Featuring
extracts from
The Draconian
from the 1950s and recalling events of the time, the
booklet included contemporary photos of all who attended the Reunion. Much
enjoyment was had identifying (slightly) younger faces. If you were unable to
come to the Reunion or know Dragons from this era you are welcome to have a
copy, please contact the OD Office.
1953–1958 Leavers’ Reunion
“I came away with a song in
my heart, so happy to have
made it able to enjoy a truly
amazing evening…”
Liz Pow OD 1954
“It was an amazing occasion
and well worth coming over
from France to be present.”
Judith Geissler (Elliott) OD 1954
“To walk into a room
apparently full of old fuddy-
duddies and then realise
that I was one too, was a
significant moment. Luckily
for me only their outsides had
changed and their old selves
were still inside.”
Finlay Skinner OD 1956
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