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the Dragon
In September 2013 a primary Academy
opened in the Leys area of Oxford with the
Dragon as lead sponsor. Pegasus, Orchard
Meadow and Windale primary schools all
became part of the new Blackbird Academy
The Dragon and two other local charities
working in education, Family Links and
the Hamilton Trust, are helping to lead and
support the new Academy. The primary
schools have all kept their own identities
under the umbrella of the Academy
Trust which is being led by Jill Hudson,
previously Head of Pegasus School.
The Dragon was delighted to consider
the sponsor invitation from the Department
for Education and Oxfordshire County
Council as a natural extension of its well-
established partnership work with a number
of local primary schools. The school has a
long held commitment to the education of
children in Oxford and saw it as an excellent
opportunity to extend and build on these
relationships to benefit more children and
help them learn well.
The Dragon would not have undertaken
this important role however without the
involvement of its fellow sponsors. Family
The Skipper Society
Named after the school’s most famous and influential
Headmaster, Skipper Lynam, the Skipper Society is the
Dragon’s opportunity to thank ODs who have included the
Dragon in their Wills.
Support for the school in the form of legacies is of
enormous value to the future of the Dragon. All those who
have indicated their intention to leave such a gift to the
Dragon automatically become members of the Society.
Members and their families are
invited to the school each
year for Skipper Society
Day which usually
begins with a music or
drama performance
by current Dragons
before lunch with
the Headmaster and
senior staff. ‘Skippers’
are also invited return
to the school at various
points throughout the
year to events such as school
concerts and drama productions.
For more information about joining either of these
societies or to apply online please go to:
or contact the Development Office on 01865 315417.
A new education partnership:
the Dragon as Academy Sponsor
Links, through its work with many schools
(including the Dragon), has developed
expertise in positive behaviour management
the creation of emotional support for good
teaching and learning. The Hamilton Trust,
which has also worked with many schools in
Oxford, supports primary teachers nationally
and has a particular specialism in maths.
As the new Academy becomes
established, the Dragon is especially keen
to create productive two-way relationships
and to learn from the staff and children in all
three schools of the new Blackbird Academy.
The Dragon has always looked outwards and
engaged with the world around it. Skipper
Lynam said in 1908 that we should not “shut
ourselves up in our little kingdom” and the
school has been striving to follow that advice
ever since. It is hoped he would approve.
The Bun Break Club
The Bun Break Club is a career and social networking
club for younger Old Dragons which supports the
Dragon Bursary Programme. In return for a small regular
donation, ODs in their 20s and 30s are invited to regular
relaxed social events and have access to career networking
opportunities. Old Dragons are successful in a very wide
range of fields and professions; many have agreed to
provide informal advice and contacts to younger alumni.
At the same time, small regular donations from a large
group of ODs will go a long way to support a bursary for
a child whose family could never otherwise consider a
Dragon education.
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