The OD Issue 3 - page 15

2014 · ISSUE 3
Tom Maitland (OD 1932)
In the summer of 1931 Tom Maitland’s
holidays included a cultured life in
Oxford and sailing in Scotland. In July
he notes: “…Kenneth Green, the artist
who is painting my portrait, and I, went
out into the little wood in our garden,
where he is painting me, while the sun
was still shining. After we had done
about half-an-hour’s work, the Polish
musician who is staying with us, Vlado
Perlemuter, came out to say good-bye
as he was going back to London”.
His carefully handwritten diary
includes detailed charts of the coast
around Skye, photographs and
eloquent descriptions. An August entry
reads: “It was not actually raining for
our bathe, and the water was like glass,
as we saw our reflections in it as we
dived in. After breakfast there was still
not a breath of wind, so we did not set
the main sail even, and left Loch Aline
under power. We were soon turning
up into Loch Linnhe, and there the fog
settled down more, while Daddy read
Don Quixote to me at the wheel, till
the delightful sandy bays that lined the
shore could only be seen mistily till we
were right opposite them.”
John Whitamore (OD 1942)
The joy of many diaries is the
everyday detail. One endearing
Dragon report of a hot summer’s
day in 1939 includes almost buying a
puppy in Reading. John Whitamore,
aged 11, goes on to record that he
later went for a swim with friends
and “then we came home and had
tea and then squirted each other
with the hose”.
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