The OD Issue 3 - page 14

Lester Cooke (OD 1929)
In 1927, Lester Cooke spent his summer on Achill Island,
Ireland. Following the instructions he keeps a written
and illustrated diary of his daily holiday experiences; he
notes seeing a trout leap while he swam in a pool under
a bridge and made a drawing of the scene. He also drew
the traction and steam engines which were the exciting
machines of the day, while recording that “a good deal
of the morning was taken up doing Latin”. Particularly
impressive are his colour sketches of the island landscape
that are part of the diary.
Frank Barton Day
(OD 1931)
One of the earliest examples
of a holiday diary in the
school archive was produced
by ‘Fearless Frank’ Day, later
one of the few survivors of
‘The Great Escape’ in March
1944. His diary covers 1927
and 1928, aged 10 and 11, and
shows considerable talent
and humour for someone so
young. As the diary progresses
his drawings become more
assured as he details daily
events and experiences shared
with his family throughout
their holidays in Dorset.
James Marshall (OD 1929)
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