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2012 · issue 2
Hugh Dancy
(OD 1988)
Hugh Dancy spent part of 2011
on Broadway, as playwright
Thomas in
Venus in Fur
, and
has been nominated for a 2012
Drama Desk Award for his work.
Hugh was seen on the big screen
last year in the highly acclaimed
Martha Marcy May Marlene
this year in
, a mix of
period drama, historical fiction
and romcom humour, with
Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jonathan
Price. Completing the screen
trilogy, Hugh will also be playing
FBI agent Will Graham in NBC’s
TV adaptation of
Tom Hollander
(OD 1980)
Tom Hollander starred in
one of 2011’s most successful
comedies on the BBC,
which won a BAFTA for best
sitcom. Last year Tom appeared
in the Joe Wright film,
with Cate Blanchett and
Saoirse Ronan and this year
will star in vampire thriller
. 2013 will see
him playing novelist Wilkie
Collins in
The Invisible Woman
a film about Charles Dickens
affair with Nelly Ternan and in
Richard Curtis’ new romcom
About Time
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson wrote her first
musical at only 15 years old.
Today she is a professional singer,
songwriter and piano player; she
is also, unusually, a Latin teacher
at a school in London. Last year
saw important developments in
her music career with the release
of her debut solo album,
I Am
Not The Night
and appearances
at Ronnie Scott’s and at Bestival.
Julia is a regular on the London
acoustic circuit and can often be
seen at the legendary Troubadour
where she is known for her
‘candid, quirky, elegiac songs’.
What are your best
professional moments so far?
Supporting Peter Gabriel at the
Tabernacle in 2010, and the
moment I finished my album.
Where do you see yourself next?
As long as I am singing and
writing music I will be happy!
Has the Dragon had any
influence on your teaching
and/or singing careers?
Very much and equally for both!
I teach Latin now because I was
so inspired by how it was taught
at the Dragon, and how we were
helped to appreciate both its
Tom Ward
(OD 1984)
Tom Ward is chiefly known
for his leading role as the
forensic pathologist Dr Harry
Cunningham in the popular
and long-running BBC forensic
drama series,
Silent Witness
Tom has just completed his
final series of the show which
regularly draws 8 million
viewers in the UK. He has
built up an impressive list of
other TV credits to his name
Vanity Fair
Pride and
and the film
Emma Watson
(OD 1996)
As well as returning to Oxford
to study English Literature for
a year, Emma has continued to
work as an actress and model
after starring in the final Harry
Potter film as Hermione Granger.
French cosmetics company
Lancôme unveiled Emma as the
latest face of the brand in May
last year. She starred alongside
Michelle Williams and Eddie
Redmayne in 2011’s
My Week
with Marilyn
, and also filmed
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
2012 will see her starring in
Sofia Coppola’s
The Bling Ring
beauty and importance. I started
writing music when I was at the
Dragon and vividly remember Mr
Andrew showing us the structure
for 12 bar blues. I think children
were encouraged to be creative
and ambitious.
Were you involved with
drama at school?
I was in
Charley’s Aunt
in my last
year, but mostly I think I was far
too shy to be on stage. I remember
auditioning for
in B
Block and when I sang no-one
could hear me.
What memories do you have
of the Dragon?
Buying Highland Toffee at the tuck
shop for 5p, reading
Mister Tom
with Ma Da, the
engravings on the desks, balloon
debates, ballroom dancing,
the staff pantomime,
, and all the staff,
especially Moocow (Mr Cowan).
Also being one of the first girl
boarders, a pioneering group of 11.
For further information see:
What memories do you
have of the Dragon?
I had a ball. Having chisels
thrown at me by Mr
Richardson in woodwork
(Barsonary? What does that
mean?) was a particular
highlight. I spent most of
my time playing sport/being
concussed, so the sick bay was
my second home. Hot Ribena
and kind nurses cured all
known ills. Being chosen as
someone’s 11th best friend and
getting to make all the toast at
their birthday party introduced
me to the concept that waiting
on people has its advantages.
Are you still in touch
with OD friends?
I’m good friends with many.
I’d say friendliness, as well as
scruffiness, are two Dragon
traits that will always endure.
What advice would you
give to current Dragons
considering a career in
Be prepared to play a lot
of golf. Develop a highly
trained liver. Have no desire
for pecuniary stability. Make
constant disappointment your
default setting. And then
crack on!
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