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Hugh Laurie
(OD 1972)
Well known as a comedian
and actor, last year saw Hugh
Laurie demonstrate his
professional talent as a blues
artist. He released his album
Let Them Talk
in April, which
reached second place in the
UK charts. In May Hugh
Laurie appeared in the ITV
, explaining
his love for the music of New
Orleans. This year he sees
concert tours in the Americas,
Russia and Europe, and an
appearance at the Cornbury
Festival in Oxfordshire.
Tom Hiddleston
(OD 1994)
In a busy 2011 Tom Hiddleston played
Loki in the film adaption of
portrayed F. Scott Fitzgerald in
in Paris
, and appeared as Captain Nicholls
in the acclaimed film
War Horse
on the 1982 novel by Michael Morpurgo.
Tom will reappear as Loki this year in
the film
and next year in
Thor 2
The OD
goes to press he is appearing
as Henry V in BBC TV’s
In January he told London listing
Run Riot
about his schooldays:
“I had a fantastic time at the Dragon. I don’t
remember ‘learning’ anything, and yet I
learned everything. It’s an amazing place.”
Oliver Milburn
Oliver Milburn has a long list of television, theatre and film credits
to his name. His TV career started with
alongside Jude Law
in the early 1990s, and continued with roles in many British TV
institutions such as
The Bill
Born and Bred
Green Wing
and, last year, several episodes of
Coronation Street
. His film credits
The Kid
The Descent
and Andrea Arnold’s retelling
Wuthering Heights
in which he played Edgar Linton. Oliver also
regularly works in theatre, and is performing this summer in Michael
Wynne’s new comedy
at the Chichester Festival Theatre.
The ODs included here
are just a few of the
many that we know are
involved in performance
on stage or screen or
behind the scenes - we
would be delighted to
receive updates and
further information at
As Seen on TV
…and Film, and Stage
The last year saw an impressive array of ODs performing on stage, film and television. The OD caught
up with two of them, actor Oliver Milburn (OD 1986) and musician Julia Johnson (OD 1995), to find out
more about the performing life and their memories of the Dragon.
What are you working
on at the moment?
I’m about to do a Sally Potter
film called
. I’m playing
an early ’60s radical, a sort of
Marxist aesthete. I’m basing him
on Desmond Devitt, obviously.
What has been your
professional highlight so far?
The play
John Gabriel Borkman
at the National Theatre. Having
a full-blooded family row every
night with Paul Scofield, Eileen
Atkins and Vanessa Redgrave was
a buzz.
Has the school had any
influence on your career?
I hope that being an OD has helped.
It’s certainly made it fun. And it was
TomWard (OD 1984) playing the
lead in
The Yeoman of the Guard
the Dragon circa 1983 who made
me realise drama was a good way
for titches like us to muck about.
Jack Davenport
(OD 1986)
Jack Davenport appeared as
Bobby in the film
The Key
last year. Jack, a familiar
face from British television
comedy dramas
This Life
, returns to
the small screen this year in
, an American musical
drama series produced by
Steven Spielberg. The series
premiered in the USA in
February and was one of
eight nominations in the
‘Most Exciting New Series’
category at the Critics’ Choice
Television Awards.
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