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Sir Timothy Raison
(OD 1943)
At Prize Giving in 1943, Timothy
Raison, Eton scholar and winner of CRL
Fletcher’s Prize for History, and his fellow
pupils were told they had a chance at the
Dragon of learning “what real democracy
can be like”. They were exhorted to use
the weapons of kindness honed in the
essential democracy of their particular
school life in their subsequent careers.
With a strong personal sense of what
was right and the courage to stick to
his view, Tim did just that. As founding
editor of
New Society
, and later as a
politician, he notably judged ideas on
their outcomes rather than their source.
MP for Aylesbury for over 20 years, he
was enthralled by debates on obscure
bills, remaining at the House late in
to the night. His own contributions
on education, immigration and social
benefits were highly valued and ahead
of their time.
Timothy Raison’s independent
thought made him hard to classify. One
reviewer of his book
Why Conservative?
commented that his ‘engagingly fair-
minded’ discussions could lead to
unpredictable conclusions; in the tribal
world of party politics these personal and
idealistic opinions did not always find
favour. However, his rational calm, and
insistence upon evaluating ideas on their
merits, whether as editor or minister,
endeared him to those working around
him, and represent a substantial legacy
to which subsequent generations
may aspire.
Terrence Victor Jones
(OD 1945)
Terrence Jones, known as Terry, was
Oxford born and bred and started at
the Dragon in September 1938 at the
age of 7.
After St. Edward’s and the army,
Terry joined Vauxhall Motors before
coming back to Oxford to join the
family motor business at the top of the
Woodstock Road. His links with the
school remained strong and his affection
for it was without question; he was rarely
without his OD tie.
In 1967 he was appointed as a
Governor of the Dragon and served
in this capacity for 29 years. He was
also Chairman of the General Purpose
Committee and sat on the board of the
Lynam Educational Fund up until his
death. His active association with the
school therefore as pupil, parent and
Governor is one of the longest on record.
Terry died peacefully in his sleep at
home after a short illness on 19th April
2011. He is survived by his wife Valerie
and son Ashley.
With thanks to
Ashley Jones
(OD 1974)
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