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events & Reunions
JOD Day 2011
Almost 100 Junior Old Dragons (JODs),
aged 13 to 18, and their parents, returned to
the Dragon in 2011. Drinks, a buffet lunch
and the opportunity to catch up with old
friends were hugely enjoyed. Dragon staff
were delighted to see so many familiar, if
somewhat taller, figures and chatted with
the JODs, eager to hear what they had been
up to since they left the Dragon.
Leavers’ Reunion
March saw 180 enthusiastic ODs and former staff return to the
Dragon for the 1970-75 Leavers’ Reunion. This popular and
immensely enjoyable evening began with drinks in the Forum –
a building new to most.
ODs came from all over the world to reunite with old friends
and to see the school again, some returning for the first time in 40
years. Before a very convivial dinner, Grace was said by Canon Ron
Lloyd (former Chaplain 1969-82). Headmaster John Baugh then
gave a warm welcome and remarked on how much the ethos of
the school remains intact. Afterwards Arthur Somerset (OD 1973)
entertained with an amusing speech featuring a wealth of memories,
staff nicknames and school vocabulary known only to Dragons.
Guests were given a special souvenir booklet recalling their
time at the school and including many of them in photographs
from the 1970s. Later, Deputy Head Ed Phelps (OD 1978) and
Lynams Senior Mistress Mary Kinnear led many of the crowd to
continue their celebrations into the early hours at the Rose and
Crown pub on North Parade.
Oxford Lecture
In October the Dragon was delighted to welcome back Cressida
Dick (OD 1974) as the guest speaker at the annual Oxford
Dragon Lecture. Cressida, now Assistant Commissioner of the
Metropolitan Police and acting Head of Counter Terrorism, spoke
to a packed audience in the Lynam Hall. She greatly amused
everyone with her memories of the Dragon and in particular her
experiences as one of only a handful of girls at the school.
Cressida Dick joined the police force as a Constable in 1983
after graduating from the University of Oxford. She worked in
the Metropolitan and Thames Valley Police Force in increasingly
senior roles. In 2000, Cressida gained an M.Phil in Criminology
at the University of Cambridge. She was promoted to Assistant
Commissioner in July 2009, and was the first woman to be an
Assistant Commissioner in the Met’s 182-year history.
Despite her truly impressive career, Cressida admitted that it
was a surprise to everyone, including herself, that she became a
police officer. She took questions from current Dragons, which
included topics such as the London riots, bribery and the dangers
of police work. Despite half of B Block raising their hands in
response to the challenge of who within the audience had ever been
arrested, Cressida expressed her hopes that the police force would
continue to attract young people with the distinctive qualities and
characteristics associated with a Dragon education.
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