The OD Issue 2 - page 19

2012 · ISSuE 2
Knowing that funds may be available in
the future is of great value to the Dragon in
planning ahead. Gifts in Wills allow people
to make charitable contributions that may
not be possible in their lifetimes. A Legacy
is an extraordinary gesture of support that
the school values highly. To recognise those
who make this pledge, the school offers
membership of the Skipper Society.
Regular Giving
A new society has been launched recently
with younger working ODs particularly in
mind. The Dragon hopes that in return for
a small monthly pledge to the Bursary
Programme, ODs will join, and encourage
their friends to join,
The Bun Break Club. As numbers grow it is
hoped this will provide useful career
networking opportunities and relaxed
social events for ODs. Together, a
large group of ODs giving just a few
pounds a month could support
an entire bursary place.
So much has been achieved through
the generosity of the Dragon community
without which the School could not have
managed to ‘change in order to stay the
same’. It is hoped that future generations of
ODs will continue to support the Dragon in
this way and watch it flourish to the benefit
of new generations.
For further information about fundraising
priorities or ways to give please visit:
or contact the Development Office
directly on 01854 315415
Capital Projects
There is a continual need to adapt
and extend the Dragon’s buildings
to respond to contemporary
teaching and living requirements.
The school has never been
ostentatious or smart, but it does
pride itself on practical and
imaginative facilities to enhance
learning. At present there are
hopes to create a new music
school as the current building
from the 1950s does not provide
the teaching, rehearsal or
performance space that today’s
very energetic music programme
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