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the Dragon
The Bursary Programme
Bursaries provide financial assistance to children who could not otherwise benefit from a Dragon
education. To remain the inclusive school that the Dragon has always been, a formal programme of support
was created in 2002. Entirely through donations there are now 25 bursary places at the school which are
both for boarding and day children; bursaries can cover up to 100% of the fees. A broad social mix in the
school is to the advantage of all and is true to its long held beliefs.
The Dragon is a highly successful school, but not a
wealthy one and has no large endowment to support its
development. Almost from the outset, funds to create
new buildings and to extend financial help to pupils in
need have relied on the generosity of parents, ODs and
the wider Dragon community.
A History of Philanthropy
In the early years of the last century, Headmaster
‘Skipper’ Lynam, the progressive educator who did so
much to establish the distinctive ethos of the Dragon,
declared that support should be given to those “…of
moderate means who make great sacrifices to ensure
their children’s good education.” It was in this spirit
that one of the first significant fundraising appeals
was launched in the 1930s when ODs wanted to do
something to mark their affection for The Skipper after
he retired. He suggested to them a scheme close to his
heart: a fund to help ODs send their children to the
school. The appeal to the OD community resulted in
donations and subscriptions which created The Skipper
Memorial Fund. This continued making grants to ODs
for its original purpose for nearly 75 years.
In 1956 there were further fundraising efforts when
the Founders’ Memorial Fund was created to pay a
lasting tribute to the memory of ‘Hum’ Lynam who
succeeded his brother as Headmaster. The objectives
of the appeal were to improve buildings and teaching
facilities. The appeal was well supported and resulted
in a new music school, science buildings and a
gymnasium, all of which are still in use today.
Fundraising Today
Since the 1990s there has been a Development Office
at the school which seeks support for projects which
are beyond the scope of income from fees. These fall
in to two principal areas: bursary assistance and the
extension or replacement of buildings and facilities.
There are four main ways in which the Dragon
community contributes toward the school’s
fundraising goals:
Individual Gifts
The school is delighted to have received generous
individual gifts towards its development aims. These
make a significant impact on the Dragon’s ability to
realise its plans and benefit children.
Joint Leavers’ Giving
Every year, the parents of the children leaving the
Dragon are invited to join together to help support
the Bursary Programme. They have done so with great
generosity over the years; their regular donations,
donated deposits and larger gifts have made a very
great difference to the lives of bright children from less
advantaged backgrounds.
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