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2012 · ISSuE 2
Cambridge research Centre
A £6 million Government-funded learning
centre opened in January named in memory
of Tony Deakin CBE (OD 1950). The Deakin
Centre is a teaching facility for
social care, health and childcare studies
and a centre for community activity.
Appointed Chairman of Addenbrooke’s
NHS Trust when he retired in 1995, Tony
had returned home after a professional
life spent predominantly in South Africa
working for BP. In the mid-90s he led the
company’s transition under the new Mandela
Government; he travelled extensively,
learning Afrikaans and developing an
understanding of multiracial Africa.
Once back in Cambridge, Tony relished
the challenge of a public service role and gave
many years of expertise to Addenbrooke’s
before his death in 2003. Always a keen OD,
his son Ashley (OD 1977) wrote of him that:
“His commitment, enthusiasm and dare I
say adoration for the Dragon were always
apparent and he was behind my desire to
educate my three children there.”
a dragon Triptych:
Childhood Worlds after the War
Jamie Bruce lockhart
(OD 1954)
and alan Macfarlane
(OD 1955)
The President and Fellows
of Harvard College have
established a new Professorship
in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and
Pain Medicine in the name of
John Hedley-Whyte (OD 1947).
Created at the request of
his trainees, who now hold fifteen full
professorships in research universities, the
post is a tribute to John’s career and long
association with Harvard. John and his wife,
E. Tessa Hedley-Whyte, M.D., have both
taught at the College since July 1960. In
1976, John was appointed as the first David
S. Sheridan Professor of Anaesthesia and
Respiratory Therapy
at Harvard University,
a position which he
continues to hold. He
serves as a Director of
the government-funded
Harvard University
Basic Science Research
Training Program for
In this trilogy Jamie Bruce Lockhart and
Alan Macfarlane have reconstructed the
experience of growing up through the later
1940s and early 1950s. Using over 300
letters written by and to them when they
were boarders together at the Dragon, they
have analysed their experiences at school
and at home. The contemporary sources
utilised include numerous photographs,
drawings and paintings. “This is an
anthropological and historical evocation
of British life,” says Alan.
Dragon Days
Different Days
Dorset Days
(the three books of the
triptych) can be ordered online through
Amazon, Blackwells or Waterstones.
The authors have kindly agreed that
£2.50 of the royalties from each book
will be donated to the Dragon.
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