The OD Issue 2 - page 10

Sixty Years On
Robin Preston (OD 1951) achieved a
lifetime ambition last summer when he
appeared as Prospero in the 2011 St
Magnus International Festival. The lavish
community production of
The Tempest
was the opening event of the highly
regarded annual cultural festival centred
on the ancient cathedral of St Magnus in
Kirkwall, Orkney. Deemed “a storming
success” by
The Glasgow Herald
, the
performance also saw Robin acting
alongside his daughter and granddaughter.
The significance of this event will be
clear to ODs of a certain age as it laid to
rest the after-effect of a bitter blow suffered
in the summer term of 1951. Having been
cast by Bruno (JBB) as Henry V, Robin
unfortunately succumbed to mumps on the
day of the dress rehearsal. As he lay in the
sick room he heard the rapturous applause
for the memorable performance by his
understudy, Francis Hope (OD 1952). Despite
his disappointment, he held fast to his dream
to play a major Shakespearian role. After
a lifelong interest in amateur dramatics,
sparked by Bruno at the Dragon, Robin
was delighted to achieve his ambition
exactly sixty years later.
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