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2011 · iSSuE 1
Over 100 Old Dragons and former staff
from the 1990s returned to the school in
November for lunch and a chance to reunite
with old friends. Many ODs brought their
families, including some future Dragons.
It was a lively and enjoyable occasion, and a
great opportunity to re-explore the school
and see how it has changed.
At lunch, Dragon staff chatted to the
ODs and were impressed by the wide
range of careers they represented, from
investment banking and the Civil Service,
to ice cream making and stand-up comedy.
Skipper Society Day 2011
Every year in June, ODs who have left
legacies to the school, and their guests, are
invited to attend the Skipper Society Day —
an annual event which welcomes them back
to the school. Happily this year, it was a
beautiful day and the school looked its best.
Guests were first treated to a presentation
by pupils on ecology and bee keeping at
the Dragon. They then enjoyed a three-
course lunch. Afterwards, they visited the
extensive Summer Art Exhibition, before
going out in the sun to watch cricket and
rounders and cheer on the Dragons.
Oxford Lecture 2010
In September, Hugh Williams-Preece (OD
1983) gave a fascinating and inspirational
talk to Year 7 and 8 children, parents
and Old Dragons, about his recently
completed 50 marathons in 50 days. He
told his remarkable story with passion
and demonstrated how, with belief,
determination and commitment, we all
have the ability to succeed. The children
keenly questioned Hugh on every aspect of
his achievement and were excited to find
out what his next challenge would be.
1990s reunion
EvEnTS & rEuniOnS
rugby reunion 2009
Roddy Richards (OD 1960), a member of
the 1959 undefeated 1st XI, wrote to
The OD
to suggest a rugby reunion lunch. The idea
quickly became a reunion for the 1st XI of the
decade; some 42 ODs arrived for lunch on a
Saturday in October. Players attended from
all the teams in the school from 1950 to 1959.
George Marsh (OD 1956) remarked: “We had
an excellent lunch and an amusing address
from John Baugh, the Headmaster, who
pointed out that we had played rugger
in our day, not rugby.”
After lunch, ODs watched the 1st XI beat
Clifton 14-12 - a school against which they
had all played during their time at the Dragon.
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