The OD - Issue 1 - page 2

dear Ods
Welcome to a new magazine with a new look.
The OD
brings you reports of OD
achievements, careers and lives in a new colourful format of features and news. I hope
this annual publication will become an interesting fixture in your year and that you
will feel encouraged to comment and contribute. We plan to continue to send it along
Dragons Today
, our newsletter for prospective parents, to keep you up to date with
school news and events.
It is always a great pleasure to hear from you and to welcome back ODs of all generations
to the Dragon. Just as I am struck every year by the talent and diversity of today’s Dragon
pupils, I am hugely impressed by the extraordinary ability of ODs to make their mark in so
many varied areas of life. This issue looks at just a few of the professional paths chosen by
former Dragons and it is intended to cover many more in future.
The Dragon is in great spirits: delighted with being judged ‘outstanding’ in all major
areas of the Ofsted inspection; great results at Common Entrance and Scholarship this
summer and a range of achievements on the national stage from swimming to singing.
The school itself continues, as it always has, ‘to change in order to stay the same’; some of
the more recent additions to the facilities and fabric are featured on pages 16-19.
If you have not returned recently and would like to see the Dragon today, we would be
delighted to see you. The OD office can arrange a personal visit and tour of the school –
you can find contact details on the inside back cover.
Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this first edition of
The OD
With every good wish
John Baugh
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