The OD - Issue 1 - page 19

2011 · iSSuE 1
One of the places that children like
best today and which most impresses
visitors is the Library. The location of the
Library has changed a number of times
in the course of the school’s history. The
area that was the Silent Reading Room
from 1927 until 1982, is now part of the
school’s science department; in 1983 the
Library was moved upstairs to occupy
an area which had previously been E
Block classrooms. Towards the end of the
century, the Library took on its present
impressive guise: in September 1997 the
Old Hall was converted to create a new
double-height Library with adaptable
space for group and private study.
Modern etched glass panels contrast with
the beamed ceiling of the old room and
a spiral staircase unites the ground floor
and gallery study area above.
The 2000s saw a major new
development at the school with the
opening of facilities in a new block
attached to the Gym and facing out
on to the playing fields (see image
above). The top floor of the block is a
new Art and Design department which
enabled pupils to leave the previously
cramped surroundings to enjoy new
purpose-built facilities. Large bright
The Library
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