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2011 · iSSuE 1
A Soldier Poet: Letters
of an English Officer
Richard Tolson,
(OD 1932)
edited by Rosalind Tolson,
Tolson Publications, 2009.
“Richard Tolson joined his
Regiment, The Royal Sussex, in
1939 and left the army in 1952.
He wrote regularly to his mother,
letters which describe army life
from pre-war days at Sandhurst,
France in 1940, and frustrating
years in England hoping for
an overseas posting. In 1944
he joined Special Operations
Executive and fought with Italian
Partisans in North East Italy.
He was a great lover of books
and writing and he wrote verse
throughout his army career. His
letters, his diary from his time
with the Partisans, and the poetry
he wrote, give a picture of the
fears, confusion, comradeship
and exhilaration of a soldier’s
life during the war and for some
time after.”
repair and conservation of old
buildings and discusses the
many theoretical concerns
raised in terms of sustainability
and the environment.
In addition to providing
a comprehensively detailed
and practical guide for owners,
builders and architects, and for
planners and regulators, derived
from many years of extensive
experience, Cliff Blundell
tackles the broader questions of
the effects of geography, geology
and climate on buildings,
traditions and methods.”
Guided By Knowledge,
Inspired by Love
Hugh Disney
(OD 1931)
Eloquent Books, 2009
“Entomologist, poet and devout
Christian Henry Disney
illustrates the harmonious
relationship between science,
art and religion in his sixth
published collection of poetry.
The sensitive, observant nature
of a scientific and a Christian
outlook exemplifies a realistic
view of man, nature and God.
Disney offers an individual
perspective that presents a
unified view of the complexities
of life.”
Reporting Live From the End of the World
David Shukman
(OD 1971)
Profile Books, 2010
“When a frontline BBC reporter switched beat from world affairs to
environment, he feared he might be in for a dull life. He could not have
been more wrong.
His new job has seen him journeying through the fabled North West
Passage, chasing after loggers in the Amazon, battling through plastic waste
in the Pacific Ocean and getting trapped in Siberian Blizzards along the way.
Vivid, engaging and often funny,
Reporting Live From the End of the
charts Shukman’s extraordinary broadcasting adventures and
provides a fascinating eyewitness account of the state of the planet.”
WriTErS rETurn
The Dragon is delighted to welcome ODs back
to the school to talk about their work. Two OD
authors of very different books enthralled and
entertained their audiences in 2009.
Tim Knatchbull (OD 1978) returned to the Dragon in November
2009 to talk about his book
From a Clear Blue Sky
. The audience
of current parents and ODs were taken along the path Tim has
been on since his grandfather’s small fishing boat was blown
up on the coast of Ireland in 1979. The readings from the book,
interspersed with Tim’s own commentary, brought to life his
journey over the last thirty years to find peace within himself
and come to terms with his brother’s death. It was a very special
evening which touched all of those who were there.
Also in November at Cibo! restaurant in South Parade,
Summertown, Poppy Adams (OD 1985) spoke to a group of
current parents about writing her first novel,
The Behaviour of
. Her entertaining talk was filled with anecdotes about
juggling family life and writing a novel. One of her most
amusing stories was an account of a phone discussion with her
agent about the bidding war for her book from the maternity
ward, while she was in labour. After the talk, Poppy answered
questions and signed copies of her book.
Precious Inheritance:
The Conservation of Welsh
Vernacular Buildings
Cliff Blundell
(OD 1961)
Quinto Press Ltd, 2007
“This wide-ranging and
authoritative book deals with a
series of practical issues in the
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