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After training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama,
Hal Cazalet
(OD 1982) went to the Juilliard Opera Centre, New
York, where he won the 1995 Shoshana Foundation Award for
young singers. Hal has a successful singing career and regularly
performs in opera, musical theatre and cabaret. He recently
appeared in the science fiction opera Death and the Powers,
in Monte Carlo, Boston and Chicago.
The Science
of Singing
Hal is a seasoned Opera performer: in
2010 he appeared as Richard Dauntless in
for Opera North; as Cascada in
The Merry Widow
for the English National
Opera; as Lysander in
A Midsummer
Night’s Dream
and as Quint in
A Turn of
the Screw
for the English Touring Opera.
He also performs in a cabaret act with
his sister, Lara Cazalet, and friend Eliza
Lumley, singing well-known numbers by
Ivor Novello, Rodgers and Hammerstein,
Sondheim and Gershwin.
Hal first realised his passion for singing
at school: “My interest in music and singing
began at the Dragon where I was in a rock
band called ‘Personal Cheques’, I played the
keyboard and sang backing vocals. The Dragon
was also where I started composing music.”
As a composer and lyricist, Hal has written two
stage musicals:
Street People
was performed
at the 1989 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and
First Night
at the 1996 Aspen Music Festival,
and later in New York. Hal has also written a
number of choral and instrumental works.
Death and the Powers
is the tale of a dying
inventor in need of somewhere permanent
to house his vast unconsciousness. After
he uploads himself into an ‘intelligent’
repository called ‘The System’, his colleagues
and family deal with the consequences. “It
breaks all boundaries and is completely
unconventional,” says Hal. “There are robots
designed by MIT in the chorus – I even wear
a robot that lets me duet with my own arm.
We combine the traditional and the new, I
love being on the cutting edge”.
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