The OD - Issue 1 - page 12

Dr Stephen Wolfram
(OD 1972) and brother
(OD 1983) have created a fresh approach to online searching
which could become as popular as Google. Wolfram
Research, based in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire, launched
Wolfram|Alpha as a search engine in Spring 2009. It is designed
to make expert-level knowledge available to the broadest
possible range of people, spanning all professions and education
levels, with the aim that it will complement other search engines
rather than compete with them.
The site is designed to give clear answers
to factual questions, often in the form of
charts or statistics, in contrast to other
search engines which redirect people to
other sites.
Conrad explains: “If you use a search
engine, it’s a bit like a librarian who gives
you a whole set of papers that you need
to look through to get the answer. If you
use Wolfram Alpha, it’s more like having
your own personal analyst who takes the
question you’ve got and tries to come back
with a specific set of answers unique to
your question.”
Stephen Wolfram, who founded
the firm in 1987, is now based in the
USA where Wolfram have two research
headquarters. There is also another branch
in Japan and a European home, which
Conrad manages, in Oxfordshire.
Wolfram alpha
Stephen Wolfram
Conrad Wolfram
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