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2011 · iSSuE 1
Hugh Williams-Preece
(OD 1983) ran his
way into the history books in April last year
when he became the first person in Europe
to complete 50 marathons in 50 days. He
started out from Lisbon in March and ran
across Spain and France before taking part in
the Brighton Marathon in the UK in April.
Hugh averaged an incredible four-and-a-half
hours per marathon as he ran into London on
his final leg. Family, friends and five current
Dragons met Hugh in Hyde Park on the final
day. They ran with him for the last two-and-a-
half of miles before cheering him into Trafalgar
Square. Hugh later came to the Dragon to give
an inspirational talk and demonstration of
marathon foot care (which involved a Dragon
volunteer sitting with his feet in a bucket of ice
for an unpleasantly long period). He enthralled
the audience with the story of his extraordinary
achievement of endurance and determination,
through which he raised over £30,000 for
Marie Curie Cancer Care.
50 Marathons
in 50 days
Photograph by Barney Jones Photography
Messing About
on the River
In August 2010,
Henry Streeten
2006) and two other sixth formers from
Warwick School for Boys, replicated
the famous river journey of Jerome K.
Jerome’s Novel
Three Men in a Boat
They rowed the 90 miles from Oxford
to London in five days, in a 150 year-
old, 26 foot, Thames camping skiff.
They raised £700 for Myton Hospice
in Warwick, where Henry volunteers.
Henry was very pleased with the funds
raised – but we do not know if anyone
remembered to take the tin opener.
Cairo to Cape Town
Dickon Broadhurst
(OD 1996) cycled
approximately 8,000 miles from Cairo
to Cape Town last year, traversing nine
countries between February and June
in an attempt to reach South Africa in
time for the FIFA World Cup. With
some help from his friend and cycling
partner, Duncan Hills, he raised
£20,000 for the charities Land Aid and
Footballs for Fun.
Six Men Row to Paris
James Datnow
(OD 1982), father of Ellie (Y1), joined a crew of six and rowed in a race from
the Thames at Westminster Palace, across the Channel, down the Seine from Le Havre and into
Paris. They ended the race opposite the Eiffel Tower at Pont d’Iena, having covered a distance of
420 nautical miles. James and his team raised £6400 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.
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