The OD - Issue 1 - page 10

In August last year,
John Carver
(OD 1985) set
off on an expedition to fly (yes, fly!) his bicycle
over the entire length of the UK. His goal
was to ‘fly’ the 1000 miles to raise money for
the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,
a charity close to John’s heart as he has been
insulin dependent since he was a child. The
trip, undertaken on a German-made “flyke”
(flying bike) paramotor, was unsupported
and required a landing every two hours; John
cycled to a nearby petrol station, refuelled, and
then took off again.
Having departed from Land’s End, John
eventually reached John O’Groats after
covering more than 907 miles in only 10 days.
He reported that the weather was fantastic,
and the equipment performed faultlessly until
the very last morning when, with less than
15 miles to go, the engine’s crankshaft broke
in mid-air, requiring an emergency landing
from low altitude. Practising this emergency
scenario in recent years (sensibly above the
playing fields of Cothill) paid off, with an
incident-free landing. The engine however
would fly no more, so John was forced to
complete the final leg of the trip by road –
fortunately no problem for a flying bicycle.
Philanthropic Ods
a “flying bike”–
from land’s End to John O’groats
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