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D R A G O N S T O D AY S U M M E R 2 0 1 7


D R A G O N S T O D AY S U M M E R 2 0 1 7



Classical Play

The result was an hour of witty, physical

theatre. All the children were given the

chance to speak, as well as sail, fight,

devour, party and transmogrify. It was a

tremendous process and a wonderfully

enjoyable morning of theatre.

uring the Easter Term C Block (Year

6) achieved the extraordinary feat of

staging an hour’s worth of theatre with only

two hours of rehearsal.

Performing in the Forum in front of a

large audience of Dragons, they staged ‘The

Greek Plays’, a series of seven comic mini-

works written and directed by their Latin

takers. These covered the mythical stories

described in The Iliad and The Odyssey,

which start with the marriage of Peleus and

Thetis and end with Odysseus returning

home to his family in Ithaca. Each Latin set

had seven minutes to tell its section of the

story using props and costumes.

For two hour-long lessons, children put

aside grammar, verb tenses and noun cases

and applied their talents to learning lines,

solving problems of ‘blocking’ and props,

and practising their voice projection and



The Oxfordshire Cricket Award Winners

2017 were:

William, A Block (Year 8) – U13 County Boys

Players’ Player of the Year

Alexander, B Block (Year 7) –U12 County

Boys Players’ Player of the Year

Oscar, C Block (Year 6) – U11 Wessex Boys

Players’ Player of the Year

James, D Block (Year 5) – U10 Mercia Boys

Players’ Player of the Year

Rosie, C Block (Year 6) – U11 County Girls

Player of the Year

Julian, D Block (Year 5) – U10 County Boys

Player of the Year

Ben, D Block (Year 5) – U10 Wessex Boys

Player of the Year

The Athletic Medallists at U13 Girls

Oxfordshire Athletics Championships, in

May 2017 were:

Natalya, B Block (Year 7) – Gold, 70mHurdles

& Long Jump

Maisie, B Block (Year 7) – Gold, Long Jump

Clover, B Block (Year 7) – Silver,1500m

Natalya, B Block (Year 7) – Silver, High Jump

Maisie, B Block (Year 7) – Bronze,100m and

70m Hurdles

During the Easter holidays, the Big Band

travelled to Harrogate to take part in the

44th Harrogate International Youth Festival

of Music.

The band performed in the Festival’s

opening Grand Parade, following marching

bands from the UK, USA and Canada.

Dragon musicians also performed in a

massed band of 340 musicians from all over

the world.

Other musical highlights included

performing jazz at an historic hotel. A

Harrogate newspaper reported on the event:

“The Jazz Evening at the Old Swan Hotel was

completely sold out. The Dragon School Jazz Band,

made up of students aged between 10 and 13, stole the

show with their maturity and energetic programme.”

On the final evening, the band opened

the concert in the prestigious Edwardian

Royal Hall – a stage that has hosted icons

including Louis Armstrong, the Beatles

and the Duke Ellington Orchestra. The

Big Band, under the leadership of David

Smith, was, once again, a credit to the

School in both the high standard of music

and behaviour of all those on the trip.

Big Band Tour

Maths Achievements

Sporting Success

The Dragon has exchange programmes with

several schools around the world. In the

Easter Term forty Year 6 children travelled

to Versailles to meet exchange partners and

their families from L’Ecole Lully. During

the daytime they toured Paris and Versailles,

sightseeing and enjoying local cafes and

markets. The highlights of the trip included

travelling along La Seine on a Bateau

Mouche, visiting La Tour Eiffel and Le

Château de Versailles and ordering





at a French café.

In the evenings “en famille” the children

experienced French culture and developed

their language skills. The children played

board games, explored the parks and

cooked with their host families. On the final

morning they went shopping at the market

in Versailles.

Host families remarked on how polite and

charming the C Block (Year 6) children

were. Impressed by their courage and

enthusiasm it was felt that they were a great

credit to their school.

French Exchange

A number of Dragons took part in the UK

Senior Maths Challenge aimed at children

aged 16-18. The following members of the

Upper School were successful: Fin and

Seongho took Gold, Freddie, Arthur and

Taiga won Silver; Finlay earned a Bronze


Fin, in A Block, was awarded a Distinction

in the Intermediate Olympiad, placing him

in the in the UK’s top 100 pupils in Year 9

and below.

There is a ‘secret’ garden at the Dragon with

fruit trees, vegetable beds and a polytunnel.

Here children in the Eco activity group

develop their practical skills through the

growing and caring of plants under the

expert and enthusiastic guidance of staff.

The children in this activity, as in many

other aspects of school life, were asked to

be imaginative and creative. How would

they like to see the garden develop? They

proposed growing lots more vegetables to

share and keeping chicken which help

compost the area, reduce pests and produce

eggs. There were even ideas about raising

Dragon pigs to tackle raw food waste and

learn about livestock farming.

The strength of sport at the Dragon

is illustrated by the large number of

scholarships and exhibitions awarded to

Dragon children by senior schools. In 2017

there were eight full awards as well as two

for all-rounders, where sport played a part.

In one year, the School received over 12

sporting awards in a single academic year.

The Dragon offers a wide variety of co-

curricular sporting opportunities, from

judo and fencing, to triathlon, sculling and

sailing as well as our regular team sports of

rugby, hockey, football, netball and cricket.

Children of all abilities have the chance to

experience these sports and to grow in skill

and confidence.

During B Block (Year 7), children showing

particular ability are selected for a sports

development group. They learn about

fitness training and monitoring, including

speed, stamina and co-ordination, plus the

requirements of a sports scholarship.

In A Block (Year 8), children preparing

to take a sports scholarship are assigned a

staff sports mentor who further prepares the

candidate for an assessment day.

The ‘Sport Scholarship


Gavin, D Block (Year 5) cycled up Mont

Ventoux in France for charity, to raise

money for Helen Douglas House. Gavin

chose HDH because a close relative was

born with a rare chromosomal defect

and experienced many health challenges

throughout her short life. Gavin hoped to

raise £1 for every metre he climbed, in total

£2,022 was raised, surpassing his target of


Philanthropic Goals

The Eco activity is only one of a range of

green and eco projects run throughout the

School, all of which encourage children

to engage actively through teamwork and

think about their impact on the planet and

solutions to environmental challenges.

Judging by the bumper crops - including

tomatoes, pumpkins, herbs, radishes and

potatoes - and the children’s entrepreneurial

success in selling their produce to raise

funds, the ‘secret’ garden’ is in good hands.

Green Dragons