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The Dragon is incredibly proud of ODs continuing to reach for the sun and who, in doing so, have become hugely successful in a wide range of fields. From writing Blackwell’s Children’s Book of the Year like Robin Stevens (OD 2001) to winning the Grand National like Sam Waley-Cohen (OD 1995), capturing snow leopards on camera like Dan O’Neil (OD 2005), and developing life-saving apps like Michael Dent (OD 2002), the diversity of our Dragons is testimony to the character and ambition encouraged at the School, demonstrating the breadth of opportunity a Dragon Education provides. Scroll down for the second feature in our Diversity of Dragons series …


Freddy Paske (OD 1999) is an award-winning figurative artist who, most recently, has been Artist-in-Residence during the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. From pottery with Ma Sturt to painting and print-making with Mr Heptonstall, Freddy takes a moment to recall how his time at the Dragon shaped his current career as an artist …

Freddy’s recent Exhibition, Lasting Reflections, was a sell-out show! Thanks to all of you that visited Freddy on Percy Street and showed your support.

Visit Freddy’s website or follow him on Instagram to find out what’s next for Freddy.


Diversity of Dragons

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