A Walk Down Dragon Lane …

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This term, we took a (virtual) stroll down Dragon Lane with the Beloff family. Michael Beloff QC (Current Grandparent, Former Governor, OD 1954), and his children, Natasha (Current Parent, OD 1989) and Rupert (OD 1986) answer the questions, sharing their different memories of their time at the School.


A Walk Down Dragon Lane with
the Beloff family (OD 1954, OD 1989, OD 1986) 

My time at the Dragon School in three words

Michael: Breathless, blossoming, brilliant.

Natasha: Exciting, inspiring and fun.

Rupert: Supportive, challenging, exciting.


When I was a young Dragon, I wanted to be

Michael: A dress designer.

Natasha: A police officer.

Rupert: An artist.


The superpower I wish I had

Michael: To keep the United Kingdom united, as sports commentators say, ”in every sense of the word.”

Natasha: Flying or time travel.

Rupert: Time travel.


Eggy or marble runs?

Michael: Marble runs.

Natasha: Marble runs.

Rupert: Marble runs.


My inspiration growing up

Michael: Paavo Nurmi.

Natasha: Reading.

Rupert: My parents and grandparents.


At the top of my bucket list

Michael: To finish my memoirs before they finish me.

Natasha: Right now, being able to travel again would be wonderful.

Rupert: Travelling on the Orient Express to Istanbul.


My most memorable moment at the Dragon

Michael: A telephone call from LAW telling me I’d won my Eton scholarship.

Natasha: Lots! Taking part in the Lord Mayor’s Parade in London, though someone thought we were all dressed up as crocodiles; being the only girl at a prep school swimming gala; outrunning one of the fastest boys in the year on the rugby pitch.

Rupert: Acting the part of Antonio in The Tempest.


My biggest achievement

Michael: Reaching half a century of marriage with (hopefully) a way to go.

Natasha: My three sons, all Dragon/Old Dragon, two of whom are much bigger than me already.

Rupert: Looking after my family.


The advice I would give to my younger self

Michael: More haste, less speed.

Natasha: Life never turns out how you expect, so relax and enjoy the ride!

Rupert: Have faith in yourself.


In one sentence, what does it mean to be a Dragon?

Michael: To be a member of a special community.

Natasha: To be curious and excited about the world.

Rupert: Striving to use one’s individual talents for good.


Since my Dragon days …

Michael: Read Michael’s profile on our Eminent Dragons page

Natasha: I’ve travelled a lot, studied a lot, practised as a lawyer – and, most importantly, become a mum!

Rupert: I toyed around with joining the army before qualifying and practising as a barrister.


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