Christmas Term
OD Update

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to your new-look Christmas Term update. This September we were delighted to welcome our young Dragons back in year group bubbles (for COVID-safe reasons). Many enjoyed our first-ever online Dragon Sale, live-streamed our annual Remembrance Sunday Service and the QUEST began for E & D Block, as our bespoke enrichment programme transformed their Saturday mornings.

Although a term like no other at the Dragon, the children and staff returned to School from their summer holidays with characteristic energy and enthusiasm. Alongside our in-School provision, our Remote Learning live teaching provision was in place for pupils overseas who stayed at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or for those pupils who were required to isolate. This ensured they were able to remain connected to the School community by joining in with lessons in a virtual way. With true Dragon spirit, new rules and risk mitigation measures were embraced by all and we are really pleased to have enjoyed a successful and safe first term back.

Within this Community News Christmas Term update, you will read more of our digital Dragon Education in the form of our Virtual Holistic Curriculum, from Paul Dunleavy, Director of IT. Dive into the archives with Gay Sturt, looking back to the Dragon in 1918, and enjoy Bun Break with two young Dragons taking a current staff member of 54 years down memory lane. We also welcome Gus and Marcus Faulkner as our new Heads of Boarding, as they succeed Rupert and Lucy Blencowe, and we speak with Old Dragon Alastair Chirnside, ahead of his move to St Edward’s, as Warden next September. You will also find the ever-popular Old Dragon updates, Congratulations, OD Bookshelf, plus a selection of featured articles. In addition, I do hope you will enjoy the gallery at the bottom of this page, sharing a few selected highlights from this Christmas Term at the Dragon.

Looking ahead, our Development Team will be updating you at the end of each term in the form of Community News, keeping you abreast of all things Dragon, in addition to our annual Dragon community magazine, The OD.

As the year 2020 draws to a close with all the great challenges it has brought, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again, on behalf of all our staff, and young Dragons, for your continued support of our School — we greatly appreciate it. May I wish you and your families good health in the weeks and months ahead, a safe, peaceful and happy Christmas, and a New Year filled with renewed hope.

With all best wishes,

Crispin Hyde-Dunn