Bun Break With … Ma McNeile

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Welcome to ‘Bun Break With …’, the podcast where our young Dragons put their questions to a member of the Dragon community.


In this episode, Year 3 Dragons, Helena and Hector, share their Bun Break with Annie McNeile, Head of the Pre-Prep. From her biggest achievements to what it means to be a Dragon, Ma McNeile answers the questions of two inquisitive young Dragons today …

Listen to their interview below:
Episode 4: Bun Break With ... Ma McNeile Helena and Hector, Year 3
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This podcast recording took place in Ma McNeile’s office in May of this Summer Term, with appropriate social distancing measures in place. Windows were open for ventilation, meaning the roars of young Dragons enjoying their Bun Break were a little louder than usual.

Being a Dragon means that you work hard, play hard, and look after each other.
Annie McNeile, Head of Pre-Prep