Adventure is Out There

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All Dragons will have noticed the plaques in the Dining Hall during their time at the School. One marks the great day when Lord Mountbatten of Burma, in the presence of the whole School (including his twin grandsons), opened the Dining Hall. The other is a more sombre reminder of the dreadful day when one of those same grandsons, Nicholas Knatchbull, was killed alongside his grandfather and other family members in an IRA bomb explosion that reverberated across the UK. Much has been written since then about that moment, the braveness and resilience of the survivors, the shock of the nation, and the role of the Queen and other members of the royal family.

At the Dragon, with thanks to the Knatchbull family’s commitment to the School, and the outflowing of love and respect by the wider Dragon community, Nick’s mother, Lady Mountbatten, wanted to set up a lasting legacy to future generations of ODs to help them. In February 1981, the Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund (NKTF) Trustees, Parni, Splash and John Marsh (OD 1953), first met, chaired by Lady Mountbatten herself (see gallery below). The remit is the same now as it was then: to help provide financial help for Old Dragons wanting to go on an adventure to help develop themselves and those they come in contact with, especially young people.

Since 1981, the NKTF has helped well over 200 ODs travel to six out of the seven continents of the earth (we are still waiting for an application involving Antarctica!) and has awarded tens of thousands of pounds in grants. Examples of past trips include a year teaching in Nepal, tree planting and working in an orphanage in Sri Lanka, fishery conservation in Madagascar, filming orangutans in Borneo, kayaking from the UK to the Black Sea, spending a year in Zambia with project trust, and exploring and mountaineering in Liverpool Land, Greenland.

Adventure is out there! Find out more about the Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Awards here or email Ed Phelps. We would love to hear what you are planning …