Dragon 10 is our new mentoring programme that connects young ODs, 10+ years on from the Dragon, with leading professionals within the Dragon community.

With the generous involvement of our ODs and parents, past and present, Dragon 10 will offer a series of networking and mentoring opportunities across a wide range of industries to enable our young Dragons to connect with, and learn from, those at a later stage in their careers. Offering experience and insight, these events will help inform our young ODs on the right career for them, and the necessary steps to take, and pitfalls to avoid to be successful!


Dragon 10 | Entrepreneurship

In Summer 2022 we launch Dragon 10 with our first event, PITCH UP!

Taking place in London, this is an exciting opportunity for young ODs to take centre stage and perfect their business pitch in front of a panel of angel investors. Whether you are in the initial stages of an exciting enterprise, passionate about a hobby you think would make a great business or have an idea you’d like to share — the Dragon stage is yours.

We will be selecting a small group of young Dragons to pitch their business ideas to leading professionals in our Dragon community and, in return, receive expert advice and real-life experience. This is your chance to learn from others that have been where you are now and reconnect members of our OD community.

You will have 5 minutes to deliver a succinct and persuasive pitch and 5 minutes to answer questions from our expert panel.

Register to PITCH your idea today | Deadline: Friday, 8th April 2022

If you’ve not done so yet, you can also join the Old Dragons group on LinkedIn and update your profile’s education to ‘Dragon School Oxford’ to join your LinkedIn alumni.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Dragon School Privacy Notice before submitting this form. If you have any questions, please contact Lucy in the Development Office.