The Deputy Head


The most important asset of the school is its staff. The deputy head has a key role in keeping them informed and helping them maintain the highest standards of learning and pastoral care. The deputy head has an office in the middle of the playground which allows staff to pop in if they ever have a question or difficulty. He has a particular responsibility for new staff and works closely with the Professional Tutor to advise on the allocation of “Buddy mentors”. The Deputy Head will observe new teaching staff lessons during their first two terms at the school.


The Deputy Head works closely with the Deputy Head (Social & Emotional Learning) and the Heads of Upper and Middle School to ensure that the school procedures are appropriate, understood and being followed by all members of staff. It would not be expected for a child to be sent to the Deputy Head for any reason without the knowledge of the Heads of School. More serious incidences, especially those involving parties outside of the school are usually referred to the Deputy Head either from the Headmaster or another member of the pastoral team.