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Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund Reports

A year teaching in Nepal with Project Trust, 2017-2018
by William Webb (OD 2012)

Volunteering at the Jacaranda Orphanage in Malawi, 2018
by Imogen Higgins (OD 2013)

A Trip to Cambodia with Leap Overseas, 2017
by Ellie Chelton (OD 2011)

Planting Trees and Working in an Orphanage, Sri Lanka, 2017
by Oliver de Bono (OD 2014)

Teaching with Crosslinks in Thailand, 2017
by Francis Stanford (OD 2011)

Expedition to Andavadoaka, Madagascar, 2017
by Ivo Andrews (OD 2012)

Himalayan Trekking, Leh, 2016
by Felix Goodman (OD 2011) and George Warr (OD 2011)

Cycle the Andes 2016
by Arthur Knaggs (OD 2005)

Swaziland Expedition 2016
by Zoe Scott (OD 2013)

Raleigh Report - Expedition Costa Rica and Nicaragua, 2014 
by Lottie Mitchell (OD 2008)

The Edinburgh Fringe - 2014
by Felix von Stumm (OD 2009)

Fiji - Sept 2011
by Oliver Colston (OD 2006)

Raleigh International in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Feb - Apr 2011
by James Donger (OD 2005)

World Challenge Trip to Thailand and Cambodia, Jul - Aug 2011
by Annabel Hall (OD 2005)

Peru, Jul - Aug 2011
by Josh Colston (OD 2007)

Borneo and South-East Asia, 2010
by William Mitchell (OD 2004)

Latin America, Dec 2009 - Mar 2010
by Iona Dent (OD 2004) 

Trip to Nepal, May - Jul 2009
by Elizabeth (Lizzie) Donger (OD 2003)

Teaching English and French in Morocco, Oct - Nov 2008
by Katherine Higgins (OD 2003)

Medical Placement in Ghana, November 2008
by Francesca Carter (OD 2003) 

Teaching in Townsville, Australia, Jan - Mar 2008
by Jessica Quick (1995 - 2002)

Hike for Hope, Kenya, December 2007
by John Dawber (1986-1991)

Travels in India, Sept 2006 - Aug 2007
by Alex Wolfer (1996-2001)

Teaching in Tamil Nadu, India, Jan - Jul 2007
by Georgina Donger (1998-2001)

Teaching in Namibia, December 2005
by William Kneale (1994-2000)

King's Community Action Project, May 2006
by Oliver Lloyd (1991-1997)

Gordonstoun Thailand Water Project, August 2006
by Lucy McClelland (1995-2001)

Marathon des Sables, April 2006
by Charlie Sichel (1988-1994)

Medical Elective Kilifi, Kenya, May 2006
by Harry Bulstrode (1991-1995)

Conservation Comores, Jul - Sep 2005
by Hugh Doulton (1993-1997)

Rebuilding after the Tsunami, Sri Lanka, Aug - Oct 2005
by Peter Jourdier (1991-1996)

Africa 25K - A Drive for Development, Oct 2004 - Apr 2005
by Tamsin Savage (1986-1991)

Expedition to Northern Thailand, July 2004
by Edward Holroyd Pearce (1989-1995)

Namibia Vulture Expedition, Jul - Sep 2004
by Hugh Doulton (1993-1997)

Trip to Borneo, India, Thailand, Australia, & NZ, Jan - Aug 2004
by Clemmie Andrewes (1992-1998)

10, 000 mile Cycle Ride for Anti-Slavery Intl, Jul - Dec 2003
by Rob Hadman (1990-1994)

Inca Venture, Jan - Jul 2003
by Emma Pollock (1994-1997)

Trip to Madagascar & Tanzania, Jan - Mar 2003
by Hugh Doulton (1993-1997)

Trip to Kenya, Jun - Aug 2002
by Sarah Farrant (1988-1994)

Trip to Chile, Oct - Dec 2001
by Harriet Vaines (1990-1996)

Trip to Ladakh, July 2001
by Peter Gooch (1990-1996)



The Bursary Programme

In 2002, the 125th anniversary of the School, the Dragon launched a Bursaries Programme to provide fee support to children whose families could not otherwise afford a Dragon education. The Programme originally helped children each year from E Block/Year 4 on a sliding scale up to 80% of the day fee. Subsequently the Governors approved an enhancement to the scheme to allow funding of up to 100% of the fees and to include boarding places.

How many children have been supported?

Since the Programme was launched in 2002 it has been primarily supported by fundraising. Nine years on we are proud to say that there are 24 bursary places at the Dragon, thanks to the incredible support of the Dragon community.

How much is required to fund a Bursary?

In 2014/15 the amount needed to fund a 100% bursary for five years is approximately £98,863 for a day place and £142,477 for a boarding place. Help at every level is greatly appreciated, from gifts to fund an entire place to regular giving of a few pounds a month.

How are the bursaries funded?

The bursaries are being funded by generous donations from Old Dragons, current Dragon families and other friends of the School. Gifts of all sizes have been received.

  • some individuals are funding a child through an annual gift over five years
  • since 2003, leaving parents have joined together each year to fund at least one child entering the School the following September
  • two endowed bursaries have been raised in memory of Nicholas Knatchbull by his friends and family

How can you help?

Any and all gifts of any size are very welcome. We would ask that you consider a gift at a level that is most appropriate to your own situation. Every gift of whatever size makes a real difference, both to the children supported by the Programme and, through their presence, to the whole School community.

Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund

The Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund (previously known as the Nicholas Knatchbull Memorial Fund) was established in the memory of Nicholas Knatchbull, an Old Dragon. Its intention is to offer financial assistance to Old Dragons to enable them to take part in activities and expeditions which encourage initiative and foster understanding between young people both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Assistance has been given to a large number of expeditions ranging from a motor bike journey from Cape Town to Cairo; assisting in an orphanage in Morocco; teaching English to street children in Quito, Ecuador; various trekking trips to the Himalayan Mountains; wild life studies in the rainforests of south east Asia and in the waters of the Pacific and many others. Since the fund’s inception, over £30,000 of grants have been awarded.

Many Old Dragons, particularly those preparing for a gap year, have applied for and received grants from the Fund. Should a grant be awarded, the OD is asked either to write a report about his or her trip which will be placed alongside others on the school web site, or they may be invited back to the Dragon to talk to the children about their adventures as part of the Spectrum programme on a Friday evening.

Applications from Old Dragons are welcomed, and an application form is available here. The trustees meet twice a year, in early May and November, to review applications, so please ensure your application is received well in advance.

Should you require more information about the Fund, please contact:

Edward Phelps, The Secretary of the Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund, Dragon School, Bardwell Road, Oxford, OX2 6SS or on 01865 315400.

Nicholas Knatchbull

Nicholas KnatchbullNicholas Knatchbull, an Old Dragon, was tragically killed alongside his grandfather, Lord Louis Mountbatten and other members of the family, when a bomb exploded on their fishing boat off Mullaghmore, County Sligo, in Ireland, on August 27th 1979. Nicholas, and his identical twin brother Timothy who survived the bomb, had left the Dragon School the previous summer and then moved on to Gordonstoun School in Scotland. Their former class mates and everyone connected with the Dragon School were deeply shocked

Nicholas' family, and the other Trustees of the Fund are determined to promote the Fund and thus keep alive an active memory of a most active Old Dragon.