Andrew Barnes

Andrew BarnesAndrew is the Chairman of Lloyd and Partners, as well as the Chairman of JLT Specialty Ltd Energy Division. He has over 37 years’ experience in the insurance industry, having started his career in 1979 with Alexander Howden. He then joined Lloyd Thompson in 1983 and was made a Director in 1987. Andrew took over the running of the Energy Division in 1995 and subsequently ran the Energy unit of JLT Risk Solutions until the formation of Lloyd & Partners (part of the JLT Group) in 2005.

Ibe Akoh

Ibe AkohIbe has been the Head of Curriculum ICT at the Dragon School since 2013. He made the move into education after starting out as a software developer and then moving on to gain experience as an IT consultant, working with clients in a number of industries particularly in Telecoms and Media. He is excited by fresh ideas and has worked with and consulted for a number of startups and small businesses in their early stages.

Robin Wong

Robin WongRobin is an entrepreneur with a string of industry innovation awards and over 17 years experience across Technology, Strategy, Creative, and Business Operations. Prior to founding his latest startup -, a unique fashion discovery and shopping experience built around fashion influencers - Robin’s company worked with Google Creative Lab in London building everything from Science Search Engines (for Google Science Fair), to Multiplayer Computer Games (for Chrome Experiments), Facial Recognition Analysis for experimental comedy clubs (Comic Relief x Google Hangouts), and sending science experiments into space (YouTube Space Lab). He’s even built an artificially intelligent robot called FRHANK that learnt how to talk from a huge online YouTube community. Robin loves taking ideas, and using technology and creativity to turn them into reality.

Guy Gadney

Guy GadneyGuy has recently started up his third digital company, having successfully led his previous company through to acquisition at the end of 2015. He has worked in both small and large organisations in the UK and Australia, working in entertainment, television, games, book publishing and magazine industries. He has also produced numerous projects in the health sector addressing physical and mental health issues. He has a passion for storytelling and technology, and especially how artificial intelligence can be used to create accurate simulations of the real world. He has produced over 200 interactive projects including Sherlock and Home and Away, and has experienced some great successes and some abject failures along the way. He recently moved back to Oxford from Sydney.

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Digital Future Forum

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Thursday, 24th November 2016
Lynam Hall, Dragon School

Hosted by Guy Gadney (OD 1982), Robin Wong (OD 1990), Ibe Akoh (Head of Curriculum ICT) and our very own 'Digital Dragons'

6.45pm – Arrival
7.00pm – 8.00pm: Speaker panel followed by Q&A
8.00pm - 9.30pm: Drinks reception and networking 

This event is free of charge and open to the whole Dragon Community. Booking is required.

The next event in our Arduus ad Solem: Networking series, focuses on the digital world and the new opportunities it presents. We will be joined by Old Dragons Guy Gadney, Robin Wong, as well as Ibe Akoh, Head of Curriculum ICT, and some of the children to discuss:

What teams are needed to make ideas happen?
How is digital technology changing the way we create stories?
What do young Dragons think the world and the School will look like in 20 years?

This exciting forum is relevant for all ages and will tap into all industry sectors. The event is designed to be inspiring, educational and a chance to meet and network with Old Dragons, current parents and pupils of the Dragon.

Speaker Panel

Robin Wong - Digital Trends and Making Ideas Happen

It’s never been easier to bring an idea to market, and it's never been easier to learn the technologies you need to do it. Robin will give a guided tour of how to make the future happen, through use of technology.

Guy Gadney - Digital Story Telling and the Media

Storytelling has been at the heart of human communication since campfires and cave paintings. Now that we can share our lives globally and instantaneously, what are the new forms of stories that will emerge as we move from story monologues to the era of dialogue?

Ibe Akoh - Preparing Children for the Future 

ICT at the Dragon is not just about learning to code; we don’t place importance on learning specific languages or developing hard skills. Most of the children who learn programming at the Dragon are not likely to go on to do it again, so why is it relevant?

Dragon Children - The Future of Digital

We believe the future holds so many possibilities. There will be exciting changes over the next 20 years and we want to propose changes to the way we are educated to prepare for this future.


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