In 2002, the Dragon marked its 125th anniversary with the launch of the Transformational Bursary Programme. The first four children funded by the scheme joined the School in 2003 and since then, over 100 pupils have benefitted from transformational bursaries. As we approach another important milestone, 150 years of the Dragon in 2027, we have exciting plans to grow and secure our bursary programme in perpetuity.

The Dragon funds up to five children in each year group who would otherwise be unable to experience a Dragon education due to financial constraints. Families applying must first submit a financial questionnaire, which is then approved through independent, external review. Once financial need is established and the level of support determined by the Chief Operating Officer, candidates are assessed for admission like any other Dragon. Many factors are considered, and ultimately, children are accepted who can both positively contribute to and gain from the School – whether academically, in sport, the arts or through their disposition and personality. Applicants hail from a wide range of backgrounds and have many talents, truly representing the special and unique character of the Dragon. 

Why Your Support Matters

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The Dragon is such a unique school. The more children who can benefit from it, the better; that is why we are enthusiastic supporters of the transformational bursaries programme.
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