Philanthropy is a long-standing and valued tradition at Dragon School. In 1886, it was parents’ faith and financial support which enabled the fulfilment of an extraordinary vision – to found a school that would nurture, inspire and celebrate children’s unique gifts. £2,000, (around £200,000 in today’s terms), was raised to found Dragon School and, by 1895, parents had donated a further £4,000 to fund the move to Bardwell Road.

The continuing and ongoing generosity of our community ensures that the Dragon remains a diverse, vibrant community with exceptional teachers and excellent facilities. Dragon School continues to develop happy, independent, confident and articulate children. Children’s needs are at the heart of the Dragon; discipline relies on common sense, kindness and individual responsibility. The joy of learning and the fun of childhood exploration are shared within an affectionate and nurturing School community.

We are deeply grateful to all those who continue this tradition.

In 2002, the Dragon marked its 125th anniversary with the launch of the Transformational Bursary Programme. The first four children funded by the scheme joined the School in 2003 and since then, almost 100 pupils have benefitted from transformational bursaries. As we approach another important milestone, 150 years of the Dragon in 2027, we have exciting plans to grow and secure our bursary programme in perpetuity.

Unlike many other educational establishments, the Dragon does not benefit from substantial endowed reserves or a large operating surplus. Therefore, we rely on the generosity of our community to fund the £450,000 required annually to support our Transformational Bursary Programme.

A Dragon education is a unique opportunity. Every child at our School is encouraged to think creatively, explore the world around them and strive for excellence in their own inimitable way. The School fosters a culture of openness and giving, with philanthropy playing a key part in the curriculum.

Help us to honour and continue the legacy of the benefactors who came before you. Your donation will provide an environment where all of our pupils, whether from a family of privilege or not, can develop their passions, achieve their potential, and flourish.

All gifts are greatly valued by the School and regular gifts by direct debit help to secure our Transformational Bursary Programme for the future. We welcome donations of all sizes and frequencies, which combined make a real difference to the lives of the pupils who benefit.

If 150 Dragons gave a gift ofit would enable us to fund
£10 per month + Gift Aida day pupil for a year
£15 per month + Gift Aida boarding pupil for a year
£210 per quarter + Gift Aida boarding pupil from E to A Block
£2,400 per year + Gift Aidour full Transformational Bursary Programme for a year

For more information on supporting our transformational programme, contact Hattie Partington-Smyth, Senior Development Officer, or telephone on +44(0) 1865 315 417