Philanthropy has long been a tradition at Dragon School. In 1886, it was parents’ faith and financial support which enabled Skipper Lynam to fulfil his extraordinary vision to found a school that would nurture, inspire and celebrate children’s unique gifts. £2,000, (over £200,000 in today’s terms), was raised to found Dragon School and, by 1895, parents had donated a further £4,000 to fund the move to Bardwell Road.

The continuing and ongoing generosity of our community ensures the Dragon remains a diverse, vibrant community with exceptional teachers coupled with excellent facilities. Dragon School continues to develop happy, independent, confident and articulate children. Children’s needs are at the heart of the Dragon; discipline relies on common sense, kindness and individual responsibility. The joy of learning and the fun of childhood exploration are shared within an affectionate and nurturing School community.

We are deeply grateful to all those who continue this tradition.

The Dragon’s reputation as a school where every child can find, explore and develop their talents has been well earned over many generations. The sense of philanthropy, kindness and service that is shared by Dragons young and old, is testament to the School’s ethos and core values.
Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn