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Two ODs Working in International Development 

Matilda Cooper smMatilda Cooper (OD 1996) works for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). She joined the ICRC in 2011 as an Arabic speaker, having spent four years in Damascus. She has been a Field Delegate in South Sudan, Gaza, and Lebanon, where she has worked with a wide variety of people affected by conflict, including detainees, refugees, and their families. She is currently based in Myanmar as deputy head of office in Shan state.

Rise Foundation2Jasper Hadman (OD 1996) works for Rise Foundation, a small NGO based in Erbil, northern Iraq. Day to day, this involves driving out to newly liberated areas – currently in and around Mosul – and reporting on the humanitarian situation, including displacement, the needs of civilians, their treatment by security forces, and access and security considerations. Essentially Rise is an information link between the most vulnerable conflict-affected communities and the aid and advocacy power of NGOs, consulates, donors and UN agencies. Jasper has also undertaken some remarkable journeys, see his blog 'Bicycling to Kurdistan'


ODs on Film and Stage

Beauty and BeastTwo Old Dragons star in blockbusters currently in the cinemas, and two are receiving great reviews on the stage. Emma Watson (OD, 2003) plays a 'a bright, beautiful and independent young woman' in this successful re-telling of  'Beauty and the Beast'. Tom Hiddleston (OD, 1994) also re-takes a classic: the discovery of King Kong on Skull Island. Meanwhile, Tom Hollander (OD, 1980) is reviving Stoppard's 'Travesties' at the Apollo Hammersmith, and is 'superbly funny' (the Independent), and Mark Quartley (OD, 1998) will be back as Ariel at the Barbican Theatre in June in the acclaimed RSC production of the Tempest.

John Beauchamp

After studying Polish at UCL John Beauchamp (OD 1995) completed a Masters degree at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, and works in media in Poland.  Before establishing his own podcast company, Homegrown Media, John was head of the English Section of Polskie Radio. He was recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of, a website run by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. 

Ben Lamb sm

Swashbuckling Ben Lamb (OD 2002) has been in the Wars of the Roses ('the White Queen'), a horror movie ('End of Term', set in a school, but not featuring Dragons) and soon he will apeear on the History Channel in Knightfall. To add romance to daring he has married Louise, who he met whilst filming in Bruges.

Ed Watson

Cassie Cooper (OD 1995) completed the Pembrokeshire Coast Path (14 days, 180 miles, 35,000 feet) in memory of her husband Ed Watson, pictured left, who died last August. She has so far raised £14,000 for the Royal Marsden Sarcoma Research Fund. Read more and please consider giving a donation to support her marvellous effort:

Cressida Dick

Cressida Dick (OD 1974), has been appointed the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner. She left top in her class in Classics and won the School prize for English. She performed in “Master Beware” which also starred Hugh Lawrie.
Read the Telegraph's profile of Cressida.

Rory Stewart

"Occupational Hazards", a play based on the memoir by Rory Stewart MP (OD 1986) will open in April at the Hampstead Theatre and tells an extraordinary story based upon Rory's experiences in the Middle East, about the moral conflicts, the dangers and the comic absurdities inherent in foreign occupation.

Harry Dalmeny

Harry Dalmeny (OD 1981) has been appointed the Chairman of Sotherby’s UK. Having joined the firm in 1990 he brought his charisma to the rostrum, leading the auction of collections including those of Ava Gardner and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. His new role includes developing Sotheby's property sales business.


Frances Houghton

Frances Houghton (OD 1993), who competed in five Olypmics and won three Olympic silver medals in rowing, won the Oxfordshire Sportswoman of the Year award in January 2017. Frances opened the Dragon sale in 2016.

Tom Hiddleston At the Golden Globes awards 2016 Tom Hiddleston (OD 1994) won best actor and Hugh Laurie (OD 1972) best supporting actor for the BBC spy drama,The Night Manager. Tom Hollander (OD 1980) also starred in the series.
Mark Quarterly Mark Quartley (OD 1998) is currently playing Ariel to Simon Russell-Beale’s Prospero, in Greg Doran’s production of The Tempest. Mark wears a motion capture suit at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre for the first time, which allows his movements to be projected around the stage. His Ariel flies and morphs into different versions of the spirit. The production has received brilliant reviews.
Julia Grey  

The Otherlife by Julia Gray (OD 1995)has been nominated for the Carnegie Award. Of her first book, Julia commented “I have to say I could never have written The Otherlife without having gone to the Dragon; it's very inspired by my time there in many ways - not least because I have used my Norse Mythology homework written for Moocow circa 1991 almost throughout.”

Adam Brown

Adam Brown  (OD 1995) lives in San Francisco and apart from hitch-hiking and living in a boat commune he works as a theoretical physicist. He teaches Einstein's General Theory of Relativity at Stanford University, and researches quantum gravity, quantum computing, and the moments just after the Big Bang. He recently wrote a popular article for Scientific American entitled "How to Mine a Black Hole" about his work on the engineering challenges the laws of physics place in the way of trying to extract energy from a black hole.

A United Kingdom

The film 'A United Kingdom' tells the story of politically controversial marriage between Sir Seretse Khama (King 'Kgosi' of the Bamangwato Tribe in Botswana) and Ruth Williams (A Clerk at Lloyds of London) in 1948. The screenplay was written by Guy Hibbert (OD 1963) and stars Jack Davenport(OD 1986). The film was well reviewed in The Guardian

 Marcus Payne  

Marcus Payne (OD 2011) made the RYA, RS Feva, National Junior Squad (Sailing). In 2012 he came second at the RS Feva National championships and went on to compete in the world championships. Marcus has completed work experience in the Zhik warehouse in Holland and at the London boat show. Marcus is now at Nottingham Trent University reading International Relations. 

 Jessica Riley  

Dr Jessica Riley (OD 2005) BVSc MRCVS, graduated from Bristol University last summer. She is now a small animal vet on the north Cornwall coast with a special interest in exotic species (anything that isn’t a cat or a dog). She is hoping to gain an advanced certificate in Exotic Medicine. When not working, Jessica is out on  Dartmoor with her partner and their very naughty Jack Russel terrier Moja or surfing at her favourite beach.

ODs Working for Social Impact in the UK

Rick MowerRick Mower (OD 1980) is running a charity in the Blackbird Leys area of Oxford called RAW Workshop, which is going from strength to strength (picutred here with Jamie Kirham (OD 1986) who works with refugees in Oxford). RAW produce high quality wooden products, especially for the garden, and employs people who would otherwise find integration into the workplace difficult due to learning or other dificulties.  He wrote to us 'my passion for people (and belief that anything is possible) was rooted at The Dragon'. Rick maintains an excellent twitter feed.

Down in Brighton, Eugenie TeasleyEugenie Teasley (OD 1994) is CEO of tGF, an organisation that gives seed-funding for social impact projects. From Classics at Oxford, through teaching, to the non-profit sector, Eugenie has worked around the world and is now trustee of several charities with a particular focus upon developing resilience in young people. She is married with two sons (plus two dogs). Watch and read more about Eugenie here.