A Memorial Board dedicated to Tony Pullinger "Pully"


Thank you for letting me know about Pully. That is very sad news. He was a gentle, kind man and wonderful presence among the staff. I was very lucky to have been at the Dragon when he was there. My thoughts are with his loved ones at this difficult time.
Ghiv Chahidi

Very sad to hear the news. I always remember Pully playing wicket keeper in the staff cricket matches.
David Grosz

The older I got the more I appreciated what Tony had done for me. He took us on a cricket tour to Australia and Hong Kong back in 1985. I have worked in the field of professional sport for over 20 years now and as part of my various roles, often think back to the ways in which Tony approached things. Without doubt, he held a very beneficial long lasting impression with me. Thanks again and I hope he gets the send off he so richly deserves.
Roger Mortimer

Thank you for passing on this sad sad news. Unfortunately, as I live in the US, I won't be able to attend the service. I have spent much of my day reminiscing about Pully and Dragon School cricket 35 years ago. Pully was the best coach and most memorable of my cricket career. It was also the peak of cricketing skill which was Pully's doing. So encouraging, but also just tough enough to bring out the team's best performance. I believe 1979 or 1980 was an unbeaten year (probably one of many). In the nets, as a bowler, he taught me how to outwit a batsman with variations of pace, delivering the ball wide of the crease and the importance of line, length and consistency. Most importantly not to try to do too much with the ball. An in swinger is deadly at prep school level. He gave me the match ball after a hat trick vs Radley. I remember saying how disappointed I was with one of the wickets just clipping the bail off off-stump (somehow not emphatic enough). Laughing, he assured me a wicket was a wicket, it made no difference to him if I'd knocked the off stump out of the ground. As a fielder on the boundary, you didn't dare let a ball past, in fear of Pully shouting across the field, "Bourne, do you want to take up fishing!?". It put me off fishing forever. I remember his office adjacent to the gym, games of coast guards and pirates, looking at the scorebook. Such happy days. Yes, a sad sad day for me but my happiest school days were at the Dragon, my happiest sporting days were on the cricket pitch and Pully made that possible. Please pass on my condolences to the family.
Julian Bourne 

Tony and his family will be in my thoughts. Not only was he a colleague, he also helped me gain my cricket coaching qualifications. Please remember me to the few more senior members of the Common Room who might recall who I am! It is now 23 years since I moved out of the Lodge and headed for pastures new.
Charles Oldershaw

I remember Pully with great fondness. Please pass my condolences to his family.
James Livingstone

Oh how sad, I spent many a joyful summer on his cricket courses and many an entertaining day in the gym.
Charlie Stanfield

Truly sad news - I have fond memories of Pully.
Ard Battye

I offer my condolences to his family after what was a fine innings.
Simon Wilson QC

I remember him well and his daughter Sara was a friend. I will not be able to attend but please pass on my condolences to his family.
Sarah Thorn

I'm very sorry to hear this sad news. Pully was a wonderful man and I credit my life-long love of cricket to his inspiration when I was a young boy at the Dragon School in the early 1980s. My parents met him in Oxford last year and I understand from them that he was particularly pleased to hear that I had joined and played for the Singapore Cricket Club when I lived in that city. If I were in the UK I would certainly like to attend, but sadly that will not be possible. My condolences to his family. He will be missed by them terribly I'm sure, but they can take comfort from the enormous, and positive, impact he had on so many lives. 
Matthew Escritt

I remember Pully and his PE lessons with fondness.
Jake Volak

Very sad to hear the news of Pully's passing...he was truly a great man and a great cricket coach. He taught me how to bowl and as I failed to keep my arm straight, he turned me into a batsman! I had always meant to send him a copy of the attached article from the South China Morning Post in September 1990... It is still a record in Hong Kong, and without Pully's early instruction it never would have happened.
James Cole

I was very sorry to hear - as will both my OD brothers Ian and Alex - that poor old Pully had tiptoed away, although knowing him he would have then turned around and bade final farewell in rather more sonorous and good humoured voice....! I was there for his very first gym class (I was in Lower 5 taken by Sancho Ellis) on his very first day at The Dragon in the Michaelmas term 1971 (or was it Easter '72....?). A great man and a great Dragon member of staff. Sadly I won't be able to attend the funeral but do please pass on both my commiserations to his family and also my congratulations in having such an amazing head man in the family.
Neil Thompson (1971-75)

Having been coached both by him and with him, I have never met a person who had such a hugely positive and life changing effect on a sport. His passion and energy were quite remarkable, his deep encouraging bellows resonated across the Dragon School fields and gym. Always constructive, he had a unique ability to capture an audience, be it 8 or 80 year olds. His stature was exemplary and he taught us all how to play competitive cricket, but in a gentlemanly and polite manner. Above all, he instilled the most important aspect of sport – enjoyment. Pully was a legend and my thoughts are with his family. Long live Pully’s cricket course.
Alastair Simmie