John Hunt - ShoebagThe Life of a Dragon Shoebag

John Hunt (OD 1946), who attended our recent reunion, sent us a copy of his letter that appeared in the Daily Telegraph on the 4th February 2016, which we thought would amuse you.

Name tapes: the well-travelled, long-lasting kind

SIR – I notice, with regret, that Cash’s, the company that makes woven name tapes, has gone into administration (leading article, February 1).

I still travel with shoe bags that I took to my prep school, complete with name tapes. The bags (and the name tapes) have seen service in the Army and were with me during the 50 years that I spent in several African countries. I took them to various European countries, America, the Far East, and they are shortly to visit southern Africa again.

John has since told us that his 'shoebag' has large yellow initials embroidered by a Great Aunt and the famous Cash's name tape - F.John Hunt.

'Over 'shoebag's' lifetime he has travelled to the Dragon School, Repton School, West Germany with British Army of the Rhine, Tanganyika Territory (1954), Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Dubai, Zambia, South Africa, Canada, USA, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Belgian Congo later Zaire, Congo Republic, Ruanda/Urundi now Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Basutoland (now Lesotho), Botswana (was Bechuanaland), Swaziland, Malawi (was Nyasaland), Namibia, Mauritius, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Crete, Poland, Spain, Holland,Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switerland, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

'Shoebag' lived in Africa for 53 years, has visited the Arctic Circle, and has been round the Horn, round the Cape of Good Hope, twice through the Suez Canal and once though the Panama Canal. 

A life towards which all shoebags should strive!