POTAGE - Eating Well Made Easy

Georgia Cummings (OD 2000) shares news of her new business - POTAGE - which provides nourishing, handmade meals made with seasonal ingredients delivered straight to your desk or door. The idea was sparked by a walk in Hyde Park, during which Georgia and her brother [Oliver Cummings, OD 1997] stopped for a hot winter stew and chunk of bread.

Georgia spent many evenings and weekends over the following year testing recipes, collecting packaging samples, thinking about logistics and slowly creating a brand. She says “I launched the business with £1,000 in autumn 2012 and spent the first year cooking in my mum’s kitchen and delivering by bicycle. Today we’re a team of 8 based in Battersea, delivering across Central London, 7 days a week with a goal to make eating well, easy.”

Potage caters for large and small groups with meals delivered in individual pots or sharing boxes. Orders can be placed anytime from up to a week in advance to on demand, via our website, mobile app or over the phone.
POTAGE | 0207 498 5759.