Pop-Up-Networking-group-logo-v6Arduus ad Solem - Dragon Networking Pop Up

As part of our Arduus ad Solem: Dragon Networking event programme, we are excited to introduce an additional series of Pop Up networking events designed to encourage more regular gatherings across the Dragon Community.

Arduus ad Solem: Dragon Networking Pop Ups focus on specific industries and are organised by an Old Dragon or group of Old Dragons, and promoted through the School for the Dragon Community.

A Pop Up networking event can be arranged at a time and place of your choosing, in any country or region, to promote a new business venture, product or idea or to gather together members of the Dragon community with similar interests or in the same region.

To promote a Pop Up event, the Dragon School events office will notify the Dragon Community including current and past parents, former staff and Old Dragons via our website, newsletters and social media. We will work closely with the OD organiser at the initial stages and offer support. 

Should a particular Pop Up prove to be popular, we may develop a regular group or larger networking event funded by the Dragon at a later date.

To arrange an Arduus ad Solem Pop Up networking event, all you need to do is:

  • Locate, book or pay for your own venue (this does not have to be at a cost – it could be simply a reserved area in a pub, a table at a restaurant, private office space, a village hall, your own house, garden, University etc.)
  • Provide us with the venue name, address, date and specific times.
  • Design an invitation, flyer or similar, and be happy to incorporate our Arduus ad Solem: Dragon Networking Pop Up logo.
  • Be willing for those who are keen to attend to contact you directly, rather than via our office.
  • Be willing to live Tweet during your event, or post event – if possible
  • Be willing to take a few photographs during the evening, with a brief write up to send to us the next day so that we can continue to promote the evening on your behalf.

Please note that your event should be solely for Old Dragons and the wider Dragon Community, and not the general public.

If you have any questions or an idea for a Pop Up networking event we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Events Officer or call 01865 315417.