Dragon Sale Merchandise

Every year the Dragon Sale produce Dragon branded merchandise and this is now available to ODs and the wider Dragon community. All profits go to the Dragon Sale, which distributes funds to a number of charities, including the Dragon bursary fund.

Please print off an order form, complete the order including the term Dragon Direct Flyer for reference, and post our order with payment,  to: Dragon Direct, c/o Gainsborough House, Winchester Road, Botley, Hants SO32 2DH

We are sorry that currently you are unable to order online but we are now looking in to this possibility for the future. 

Old Dragon Merchandise 

OD merchandise items are available to purchase directly from the OD Office. Contact the office to place an order or complete and send the merchandise order form and payment to the address show below.


Old Dragon solid silver cufflinks £59.00
Old Dragon solid silver brooch £49.00

Please add £10 for packaging and special delivery.

Old Dragon tie, poly £12.99
Old Dragon tie, silk £34.99
Old Dragon bow tie, poly, adjustable £15.99
Old Dragon bow tie, silk, adjustable £26.99

Plus £3.00 for post and packaging

Please make cheques payable
to Dragon School Trading Ltd and
return to:

OD Office, Dragon School, Bardwell Road, Oxford, OX2 6SS
Tel: 01865 315416
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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