Transform a Child's Future

Our community aspires to the highest academic standards, while developing confident, rounded and happy children equipped to face future challenges with courage and sensitivity. Our bursary programme offers life-changing opportunities for children whose families could never consider the unique benefits of a Dragon education; and ensures that we maintain the Dragon’s unique character at the same time.

How many children have been supported?

Dragon School Bursary FundTo date, 57 pupils in total have received, or are receiving, bursarial support: 35 have already benefitted from a Dragon education; 22 bursary pupils are currently at the School. Almost all bursary pupils who have left the Dragon, moved on to leading independent schools with a full bursary; 8 of these being awarded a scholarship or an award. Our first bursary pupils are now attending university, with two Oxbridge undergraduates among them.

How are the bursaries funded?

Each year we need to raise £450,000 to cover the full cost of all Dragon bursary pupils. A significant proportion of this is covered by regular standing orders and endowed funds. Bursaries are currently funded by generous donations from Old Dragons, current Dragon families and other friends of the School. Some individuals fund a child through an annual gift over five years and we usually receive one or two transformational gifts every year. Since 2003, leaving parents fund at least one child entering the School the following September through the A Block Leavers’ Fund. The Nicholas Knatchbull Bursary Fund and regular standing orders from past parents and Old Dragons also make significant annual contributions to the bursary fund.

How can you help?

Help at every level is greatly appreciated, from gifts to fund an entire place to regular giving of a few pounds a month. Any and all gifts of any size are very welcome. We would ask that you consider a gift at a level that is most appropriate to your own situation. Every gift of whatever size makes a real difference, both to the children supported by the Programme and, through their presence, to the whole School community.

(Kindly note that this case for support is illustrated by photographs of Dragon children, and not specifically children on bursaries.)

“It has taken me until now, as I leave my senior school, to realise that the triumph of the Dragon approach is its treatment of each pupil as a distinct individual with unique skills, abilities and aspirations. The result of this approach is an all-encompassing education, one that yields success both in and out of the classroom.” Former Bursary Pupil
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“Ultimately, by donating towards a bursary, you are investing in the life of a child. And what better cause is there than that.” Former Bursary Pupil
The cost of supporting a child through the Dragon
Generally, we ask for a 5% contribution from bursary parents, funding the remainder through donations. In 2017/18 the amount needed to fund a 100% bursary for five years is approximately £108,000 (day) and £155,800 (boarding).