The QUEST Begins

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There was somewhat of a carnival atmosphere around Bardwell Road on Saturday as Dragon QUEST was launched. With 22 different activities to choose from and 165 children across Years 4 and 5 signed up, it seemed that even the weather wanted to join in with Dragon’s brand new Saturday enrichment curriculum.

Daring to join the fun first were the Conquest activities who headed off to their respective locations including a local working farm, Kirtlington Polo Club, Port Meadow and the centre of Oxford. For those remaining at school, activities got under way at 9.30am and soon the fields were full of orienteers and frisbee players, whilst the classrooms of E Block bustled with classicists, rock stars, Banksy graffiti artists and budding medics, amongst other things. All change for 11.00am as the children embarked on their second activity with some eager to develop their journalistic skills through broadcasting or following in the footsteps of Richard Attenborough. Some tested their fitness with High Intensity Interval Training and Paddle Boarding with others enjoying a more hands on experience discovering how to repair bicycles or design products for a 3-D printer. Whether on the water, in the classroom or outward bound, there was something for everyone and on the conclusion of activities, there were lots of very happy faces and enriched minds as a wonderful first morning of Dragon QUEST came to a close.