Learning in Lockdown

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The announcement of a new national lockdown in England necessitated major changes for the start of this new term. The Dragon is operating a comprehensive and engaging provision of remote learning for its pupils with on-site supervision for around 70 children whose parents are key workers. Every child follows their full timetable of live academic lessons using the on-line platforms with which they are familiar and we are delighted to have had positive feedback from parents.

‘We are so incredibly impressed that not only are you managing to teach the children through a zoom environment but you are also making it such an energising and fun experience.’

Pastoral care is paramount at the Dragon and this will be more important than ever during these challenging times. The children have regular Form time with their Tutors/class teachers and boarders see their friends virtually in House meetings with their Houseparents.

Young Dragons also enjoy Games sessions, take part in activities and challenges at home and individual lessons continue virtually for all those who learn an instrument. Dragon QUEST is still on offer to Years 4 and 5 on Saturday mornings and the children select from a number of options to allow them to discover and develop a new interest. The inspirational Friday evening Spectrum talks will be made available for all Dragon families to enjoy as well as Disco on Saturday mornings, which is a series of academically enriching lectures, talks and forums designed to extend and enhance pupils’ understanding of academic subjects in A–C Block.

During the first lockdown, the Dragon demonstrated great ambition, speed and agility in setting up a Virtual Holistic Curriculum for pupils. Last term some of our boarders remained overseas and learned remotely, which also gave teachers the opportunity to develop their remote teaching skills and expertise even further. We are confident that the community will again rise to the challenge of this situation with resilience and creativity. However, as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted and it is permitted to do so, we very much look forward to being able to welcome back all pupils to School.

To find out more see information about our Remote Learning